How to Become a Better Manager

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How to Become a Better Manager

The role of a manager is one of the most important positions in any business because you are responsible for coordinating, motivating and organizing a whole team of people. No matter how long you have been working in your current position or how skilled you are, there are always areas that can be improved upon. Becoming a better manager does not have to seem like a difficult and out of reach prospect, all it requires is a bit of initiative and know-how.

Learn to Listen

The first step to becoming a better manager is to learn to listen. This might seem like a rudimentary statement, after all you have been able to listen your whole life. However, when it comes to managing a team, it can be difficult to hear everyone’s perspectives. Being able to listen and hear all of the suggestions, complaints or questions from your team can help you manage more effectively. You will also gain a greater understanding of what is happening on the ground and how your employees are feeling about their work.

Those looking to become a better listener should try and work on a technique called active listening. Active listening is a practice that is designed to help you hear what people are actually saying. This can have a beneficial impact on your job effectiveness and relationships with staff.

Work on Your Communication Skills

As a manager, your communication skills are probably the most valuable asset you have. Strong communication skills are vital for effective management, without which you risk causing confusion which can drastically impact productivity levels. Try to open up a free dialogue so employees feel comfortable asking questions when they do not understand what you are telling them. You should also take every opportunity you have available to you to improve your communication skills.

Encourage Collaboration

As Simpplr explains, collaboration is an essential practice that can benefit a whole range of business processes and priorities. By encouraging collaboration, you are opening yourself up to innovation, increased problem-solving and higher employee satisfaction rates. To encourage collaboration managers could schedule regular collaboration sessions, or simply start consulting with employees more and asking for their opinions.

Give Regular Feedback Sessions

Feeling undervalued and underappreciated is one of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction, low morale and low engagement. Providing regular feedback sessions enables employees to feel valued by the organization they are working for. Not only will employees feel more valued, but the feedback session can help with an employee’s professional development. It provides you with an opportunity to reward hard work and offer suggestions in areas an employee might want to improve. You can also use the feedback session as a chance to show an employee how the work they are doing is valuable to the overall business goals.

Feedback sessions do not always have to be so one-sided. Those looking to become better managers might want to ask for employee feedback on their managing style and techniques. You can ask employees to complete an anonymous questionnaire for your feedback, so they feel comfortable being honest. This will provide you with valuable information on the particular ways in which you can improve and become a better manager for your team.

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