How to Analyse SEO Performance

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How to Analyse SEO Performance

A business cannot truly assess its success unless it understands the way to analyze the metrics to achieve success. Search Engine Optimisation is one way to pull more traffic to a business’ site.   Different types of business will have different metrics to track to determine the Return on Investment on SEO.

There are 3 main factors to analyze when measuring SEO success:

  1. Rankings

This is the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Google hogs 92% of internet traffic searches. By tracking keywords, a business can know which keyword is performing and which is not. It also helps compare site performance against other competing sites.

Ranking matter a lot because people doing searches will usually click on the search results on the first page. By ranking on the first page, a business not only increases chances of more traffic but also improves its brand awareness. Tracking a keyword helps make keywords more attractive and pull more traffic to the site.

How is keyword ranking tracked?

While Google does not provide a metric to track keywords, it can be done using different tools, some paid and some free. With the right tool, it is possible to track a keyword easily and convert the results to actionable plans to improve site traffic.

  1. Search Engine Traffic

Search engine traffic is an important factor in tracking SEO performance. The whole point of achieving high rankings is to drive traffic from the search engine. It would be pointless to be on the first page if there is no traffic being generated.

Site traffic Volume

This is the traffic generated from organic searches. It is traffic that has not been paid for as opposed to traffic from Google Ads and other paid ads. Organic traffic comes from branded and non-branded keywords.

  • Branded keywords – These are keywords unique to a business. These tend to perform better because they are recognized by the browser with the autocomplete function.
  • Non-branded keywords – These are generic keywords that will be typed in by people who are not familiar with the business.

Traffic Quality

The quality of traffic being pulled to the site is an important metric to analyze. This, in turn, is shown by:

  • Pages Per Visit
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate

A site might have a problem if:

  • Pager Per Visit is low
  • Average Time Duration is low and
  • Bounce Rate is High
  1. Conversions

The ultimate goal of SEO is achieving higher conversions. There are conversions from different sources:

  • Conversions from Organic Traffic Sources
  • Conversions from Referrals and Social Sources
  1. Domain Authority

A site’s domain authority shows a site’s trustworthiness. It compares a site’s performance against that of competing websites.

  1. Engagement

This is measured by the bounce rate, time spent on a web page and the number of pages a website visitor will visit.  A higher engaging visitor is likely to convert.

  1. Backlinks

The quality of backlinks on a site shows the authority of a site. Backlinks from high ranked sites show higher site authority.  Backlinks are analyzed by:

  • Referring Domain Count – This the number of domains linked to
  • Backlink Count – The number of links per page
  • Backlink Type
  • Anchor Text Distribution – This is shows Referring Domain Count using a percentage of distribution

SEO performance can also be analyzed by:

  • Website Load time
  • Landing Pages performance
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Inbound links from Unique Domains
  • Site visits
  • Google Indexed Pages
  • Goal Completions
  • Keyword Click through
  • Google Analytics Page Impressions
  • Incoming Links count
  • Local Business Citations acquired
  • Assigning Dollar values to Organic traffic
  • Hosting Server Performance

SEO Analysis Tools

Some of the popular SEO analysis tools include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Bing Webmaster tools
  • MoZ
  • Screaming Frog
  • Way Back Machine
  • Hootsuite


SEO performance is the biggest determinant of a site’s traffic. Analysing this performance can help optimize a business’ website traffic for higher revenues through conversions.

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