How Do You Celebrate A Job Well Done?

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How Do You Celebrate A Job Well Done?

Completing projects and meeting deadlines can feel like you’re trying to run several marathons at once. It’s a team effort but you all feel tired, despite leaning on each other in various tasks. A business needs to know how to play hard just as much as it should know and love how to work hard. But so often, business owners believe that if employees are going to have a good time they should just take their holidays. The office is for work and that’s it. Or is it? More and more businesses, large and small, are taking a leaf out of the more successful businesses in the world. Namely, Samsung, Apple, Google and Microsoft. When you bring fun into the equation at work, suddenly that ‘happy worker is a productive worker’ begins to bear some truth. The office is the best place to bond. Employees should be able to move aside their desks, put their monitors on standby and get busy with some entertaining games.

The inside line

Okay, not all games can be done in the office but that’s why surprise employee parties are for. You can book the whole day off and go karting. Karting is the first thing F1 drivers learn, as it’s the most basic kind of four-wheel circuit racing style. Easy to drive, the karts have one gear and usually a top speed of around 30-40mph. Book your employees in for a private session where they have the whole day to learn how to race against each other, have some food at lunchtime and go again in the afternoon. The instructors will teach you overtaking maneuvers you’ve only ever seen on TV. Health and safety is paramount, with proper fire retardant suits, helmets, gloves and shoes all supplied.

The quickest in the office

Throwing a party in the office is a great idea to make the usual place of work into a place of fun and relaxation. For your Corporate Party Hire, you can have a strike-a-light pressure reflexes game in the office. The company will come to your office and set it up for you, and then show you how it works. It’s basically a memory and reflex challenge as multiple lights will quickly turn on and off and the one who is the fastest to touch those lights is the winner. Simple yet incredibly competitive, those that want to prove something to one another can make it their challenge while others who just want to try it out can use the easier levels of difficulty.

Food glorious food

It’s not just activities which you need to plan, but the catering as well. The classic pizza overload is a good choice, as everyone loves pizza. However you can get a little fancy and order some unique cuisines like sushi, paella boxes, pasta dishes, Chinese spring rolls and perhaps some Jamaican jerk chicken. Get creative and order some delicious platters to your office.

When the team has come through on several tough challenges, they have met deadlines and exceeded expectations, it’s only right to reward them with a surprise party and day off. It’s boost morale and strengthens the bond they need to work together for future challenges.


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