How cloud computing could be a game-changer for your SME

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How cloud computing could be a game-changer for your SME

Whenever new technology comes along, it’s often the businesses that are the first to react that reap the most benefits and largest economies of scale. You may think that cloud computing or hosted phone companies offer technology reserved for large corporations, but the cloud can be a perfect tool for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow. Here are just a few of the benefits…

What is a cloud-based phone system?

Sometimes, a lot of technical jargon can make things seem more complicated than they actually are. When we refer to the cloud, we are referring to a location where information is stored electronically across the internet.

A flexible, cloud-based phone service allows you to centralise your communication channels into one online location, meaning that there’s no need for complicated hardware in the future. It couldn’t be simpler for your business to adjust to the technological changes that come with communication.

Essentially, you can say goodbye to phone lines; a cloud-based phone system is connected solely to the internet, allowing for reductions in costly maintenance fees.

More control over communication systems

Operating a cloud-based phone system couldn’t be simpler for your SME to adjust to. Technology is something to be embraced, not repelled. The benefits of the cloud system include that it allows all your internal and external communications to be stored in one centralised online space.

The Horizon systems offered by Gamma, for example, provide your business with a number of different features that add continuity to your customer’s experience as well as make your own workforce’s life easier when you are chasing sales and retention.

Here are just a few of the features that the Horizon package can offer your business: Hunt Groups, Auto-Attendants, Pick-Up Groups, Conferencing Facilities, Hot-desking, Remote Office, Twinning, Time of Day Schedules, Extension Dialling and Speed Dials.

Create a more efficient workforce

A strong, efficient workforce is the key attribute of any successful small to medium-sized business enterprise. The easy-to-use nature of a centralised, cloud-based phone system allows your staff to focus on what’s important, rather than spending time on maintenance and management.

One of the leading benefits of a cloud-based system is the number of remote benefits it creates. Your workforce will now be able to log into the centralised system from home, using their own extension – meaning that they can be reached by suppliers, sales leads or any other important persons as necessary. Perhaps it’s a good idea not to tell your staff about this one, though.

Improved customer service

Hosted phone systems are perfect for any businesses looking to add some continuity to their customer service strategy. Once you switch to a cloud-based phone system, there will be no more chasing up missed calls from customers, because the features offered by such a system can make it easier for you to keep track of any missed calls simply and effectively while you offer an attentive service that your customers will appreciate.

Take a further look into some of the features offered by cloud-based phone technology and find out more about how advances in this technology can soon start benefitting your SME.



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