In-House Or Out? The Art Of Knowing When To Outsource

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For any small or medium sized business, learning how and when to outsource is hugely important. A larger corporation might be able to afford taking on any projects that come their way. Similarly, they will probably find it easier to find the time to complete anything necessary. For smaller businesses, however, it is a different matter altogether. A new startup might well benefit from outsourcing even some of the more essential tasks. The reasons for this are many and varied. But knowing whether or not it is worth your while is another matter altogether. In this post, we will look into the question of knowing when to outsource. What are some of the key signs that it is time to have your work done elsewhere?

If It Isn’t Essential For The Customer

One of the main tenets of business which you should bear in mind is to always put the customer first. As long as this is the basis of all of your decisions, you are unlikely to go far wrong. When it comes to outsourcing, this should always be your first question to ask yourself. If the task at hand is not a service directly benefiting the customer, don’t waste your time on it. This is a powerful way of ensuring that your business always puts the customer first. Carry out that work which affects customers in-house, and outsource the rest. You will find that this method really works in drawing in more customers and pleasing those you already have.


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If It Is Specialised

Perhaps there is one thing in particular which your business does better than any other. I certainly hope so, as this is the basis for your business existing. It goes without saying that you should keep this in-house as much as possible. For any other specialised activities, however, simply give them to the experts. A good example of where this works is in the area of finances. Outsourcing your accounts to an experienced accountant is likely to be much more beneficial. This, again, frees up your resources to carry out that work which is immediately important to the customer. That, in turn, means that your business is more likely to grow at a decent rate.

If It Is Cheaper

This next one is probably a no-brainer for most people. All business owners are keenly aware of the value of money. Chance are, this is partly what drives your business to be the way it is. So it only makes sense that you should value that option which saves you money. Outsourcing is almost always cheaper than in-house production. This is particularly true of areas such as marketing, but it applies everywhere. As long as you are saving money with your outsourcing, it is probably the right choice to make. Of course, you should be careful here not to sacrifice the quality of the work. If you end up with poorer quality, then it is probably not worth it. This decisions is ultimately up to you to make.



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