Hiring And Firing: How Do You Get It Right Every Time?

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Hiring And Firing: How Do You Get It Right Every Time?

If you are expanding your startup, the chances are that you are very nervous. For the past few years, your business has been your baby. You haven’t had to delegate to anyone else, you’ve been able to work from home, and you’ve had to answer to no one. While you will still be the boss, you will have to learn to communicate on a whole new level. To get the most out of your staff, you first need to hire the right staff. How do you ensure that you can achieve this?


Hiring the right staff is more than whipping an advert on the Internet and interviewing before selecting the person with the best resume. You need to delve a little deeper and do more to ensure that you can create a cohesive team. As a startup you won’t have the financial remuneration package that more substantial, more well established companies can. As such, you need to offer something else to seduce the best candidates. Consider offering more holidays, little perks, and opportunities for promotion. Working in a smaller company can be ideal for that person who wants to see the impact they have in their role every day. Exploit this and show what you can offer the candidates rather than just looking at what they can offer you. Follow this guide, and you will hire the right candidate every time.


Go For Commitment Over Qualifications

If you do find yourself snowed under with resumes, you might find yourself with your pick of candidates. It’s all too easy to become seduced by the qualifications from an Ivy League college and decades of experience. While this can be useful, for your young and dynamic team, it might be worth putting personality and commitment above these two attributes. A person with decades of experience may have a series of habits that are difficult to break. Someone younger and with less experience can be easier to mold into your perfect staff member. Invite any potential candidate into your office and get them to meet any established staff that you have. Do they echo your company ethos and can you imagine them fitting into your company?


You want someone who can work well in a team and who doesn’t mind putting in the hard graft to implement your business vision. It is this level of commitment that will help drive your business forward and help your startup to grow.

Go Through A Recruiter

A recruitment agency that specializes in your industry sector can be the ideal company to find you the dream candidate for the role you have on offer. As a young startup, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to a recruitment drive. By outsourcing this task, you can relinquish the responsibility of locating the short list of candidates for you to choose from. Specialist recruiters are able to headhunt from a list of exceptional candidates that they already have access to. This is a talent field that you would be unable to tap without them.

Once they have suggested three or four candidates, it is up to you to take over with the final stages of recruitment. You need to interview any potential candidates and use bespoke questioning to find out the information you need. Don’t try and be achingly cool and ask them who they’d invite to a fantasy dinner party. Yes, this can be fun and give you an insight into their personality, but unless you work in a creative field, the answer to this question won’t tell you whether or not they are a decent financial manager or marketing assistant.


Be sensible when interviewing and consider an in tray exercise to see just how well they cope under pressure. You could ask them to prioritize activities, have a go at auditing a project or generating ideas for an advertising campaign. Allow them to present their ideas and gauge how enthusiastic and passionate they are about the role. See how they interact with their potential colleagues and decide if they could fit into your company ethos.

Identify The Gaps

Using a software application like Comurce can allow you to identify the skills that you need within your company by matching staff to tasks. Any gaps that you have can be addressed by hiring new personnel. Rather than hiring a generic marketing executive, you can focus on the missing digital strategy formulation skills and SEO capabilities that your startup is lacking.

Demonstrate how your firm is better to work for than the competition around the corner. You might pay less but what else do you have to offer. Be open and transparent. Show off your modern working environment, the happy colleagues they’ll have a chance to work with, and interview on a Friday when it’s cake day! These tiny aspects of working life can really sway someone’s drive to want to work for a company.


Many employees are now placing well being and job satisfaction over financial benefits. Try to find those candidates as these will be the individuals who will work the hardest for your startup and will readily buy into your business vision.



There may come a time when you have to let staff members go. This could be due to financial constraints, the economic climate or a downturn in sales. While unfortunate and impactful to the staff you have to say goodbye to, you need to streamline your staff for the benefit of your company. Try to think with your head rather than your heart, however difficult this might be. Without doing so, you may lose your startup. Ensure that you conduct redundancy in a fair and measured way and adhere to all employment laws to keep everything above board.

Being a boss can be terrifying. You are moving from a sole trader to an employer. Remember to focus on the personality traits you need in your startup, and always look for the candidate who is hungry, committed and willing to buy into your business vision.


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