Hires That Fit

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Hires That Fit

When you’re just starting up, you’re more than willing to take all the jobs on that you need to do. In fact at first, it’s something of a necessity for you to become a jack-of-all-trades as your business becomes established and you get yourself underway.

Later on though as your days and weeks get busier you have to admit to yourself that you may be in need of some help and that’s when it’s time to start building your team.

How will you go about this? How will you make sure that you find the exact right fits for the roles but also people you can get on well with? We talk you through a short guide to hiring the people who are going to help you achieve your business goals and ambitions.

Hires That Fit

Identify roles

Before anything else gets underway, take some time to clearly work out what it is you need your team member of members to do. Create job descriptions for each sector of the business you need to recruit into and define the exact responsibilities that you will be handing over.

Be as specific as possible. This will help you figure out what type of person you need and help a potential candidate better demonstrate their expertise and experience in that area, whether that’s managing customer accounts or creating strategic sourcing solutions..

Next you’ll be able to identify the type of person you want to hire and to do this, you’ll be creating a document called the person specification. In this document you will set out how much experience you’d prefer them to have, the types of qualifications they have achieved and a list of all the hard and soft skills they’ll need to impress you.

Once you have these two documents safely produced you’ll be able to create an advert and wait for the applications to come rolling in thick and fast. The interview process can make both parties nervous but it’s all part of the process, so take a deep breath and plunge in.


You’ll want to ask your candidate for examples from real life when they have displayed the kinds of skills that you’ve asked for. Make sure to ascertain how their skills and experience might add real value to your business.
Keep an open mind during the interview process. The candidate who presented a good but not outstanding CV may just surprise you with their soft skills and great communication. On the other hand, the candidate with the great CV may struggle with their interpersonal skills and not be a great match for your job.

Be sure to call candidates back for a second interview if that’s what it takes to help you to make the right decision and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification and proof of education and so on, should you need it.

With the right team by your side, helping you to reach your goals your business will never be in better shape now and on into the future.

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