A Guide to Setting up your Home Office

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A Guide to Setting up your Home Office

Working from home is becoming more common in every company. Here we list 10 essential items every employee needs for a home office.


1.    Computer – Starting with the most obvious, most jobs are reliant on the use of a computer these days. When working from home, you have the option to choose a laptop or desktop computer.

2.    Broadband – It is also essential for employees to be able to connect to the web to access e-mails etc. Fibre optic broadband is the UK’s fastest internet connection and is available to almost two-thirds of the population.

3.    Telephone – A telephone solely for business calls is also a must for a home office. Sometimes a mobile phone will suffice, however if the employee makes a lot of calls a business telephone system may be required.

4.    Storage – To prevent any business documents going missing, it is imperative that a home office has a good filing system. No one wants to tell their boss that the dog ate the business files.

5.    Wall Planner – Keeping yourself organised and motivated whilst working from home is also important. Keep track of important dates and make to do lists.

6.    Furniture – Having a good quality desk and chair is also essential in a home office. Everyone needs to feel comfortable in their place of work, so finding a good desk at the right height is a necessity.

7.    Printer/Photocopier – If your job involves a lot of paper work then having a good quality printer is essential. Some modern models offer you the ability to scan and photocopy on the same machine.

8.    Stationery – Every home office will require some form of stationery. The supplies you need will depend on your job. However, the most common are printer paper, pens and highlighters.

9.    Disposal Units – No matter what way you work there will always be a mess of some sort. It is a good idea to set-up two bins – one for normal rubbish and another for recyclable items.

10.  Personal Comfort – Everyone has items that make them feel more comfortable, even if they are at home. These could include refreshments, a clock, inspirational posters or flowers.

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