Going green: the key to success for your business?

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Going green: the key to success for your business?

Your business is sputtering more smoke than a pipe-chewing 1940s’ naval officer, it’s wasting more goods than a bakery at the end of the day and it’s irritating more customers than an Ear-Flicking Goblin (that’s a goblin that flicks your ear, but you probably already figured that out).

Indeed, only a few decades ago the general public couldn’t give a flying fig about terms like climate change, the ozone layer or global warming. Being attuned to nature generally meant you were some mad hippy who never showered and covered themselves in mud and henna tattoos to commune with nature.

But now even big business are waking up to public perception on climate change – toy manufacturer Lego recently broke off their partnership with oil giants Shell after mounting pressure from Green Peace and vast swathes of the public.

They’re not the only ones. Tesco, Asda, B&Q and a plethora of other major companies have introduced initiatives to slash carbon emissions – and they’re saving cash while they do it.

If your business still has the eco-record of a Victorian workhouse, then it’s time to catch up with the big boys and make some changes. So, what do you have to do?

Remove to improve

Much like that 1940s’ naval officer, gas pipes and electrical mains are largely outdated in older buildings, pumping out an uneconomical amount of gas. More than this, older gas meters barely even let you know how much power you’re consuming, instead showing a seemingly arbitrary set of numbers.

Hire a company for gas meter removal to have your rickety meter replaced with one that will track your power usage far more transparently. So, you can keep an eye on any electricity drainages and change your habits accordingly.

Get staff on the bandwagon

While you might be an eco-warrior in your office, doling out hemp paper and organic laptops, your efforts will mean little if your staff aren’t on board with you.

To motivate their green fingers, gamify the idea of recycling by creating a wastage league table for every department, doling out rewards for those with the best record. Not only this, send out a few facts and figures to back up your reasoning and convert those who are still cynical about environmental issues.

With a full team supporting your company’s effort, you’ll notice a major gear shift in the tone of your business – all of you will be pulling together to help the planet for the better.

Let it be known

Here’s the most cynical, but also the most financially prudent, reason for going green – it looks mighty impressive to customers.

The more visible your environmental friendliness is, the more customers will place their trust in you, and the more they’ll assume that everything you do is green.

Getting the word out is easy enough. If you don’t have the spare cash to hire an ad agency, simply get on the blower to local newspapers and let them know about your recycling campaigns, green production line or latest clean-up campaign of the local area.

Once word is out, expect to see more people flocking to your service. In today’s marketplace, an ethical brand is a successful one, so make the most of your green credentials.

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