How To Give Your Small Business A BIG Reputation

beggers March 16, 2017 0
How To Give Your Small Business A BIG Reputation

In the world of business, reputation is everything. Big businesses that have been around for a long time already have carefully built up reputations, as well as a team of people managing them. If you run a small company, making sure you have an image that clearly conveys what your business is all about makes will influence how many clients you can attract and your opportunities for growth.

Here are just a few ways that you can enhance your business’ image so more people take you seriously.

A Strong Brand

In today’s marketplace, your brand is absolutely crucial. It is worth investing time and effort to make sure that your logo and colour scheme conveys the core messaging of your business. It has been estimated that people need to see a brand 20 times in order to become fully aware of it, so getting yours right should be a priority. It’s also a good idea to have a range of products that support your brand including stationery, letterheads, printed checks and envelopes. This gives your business more of a professional look and clearly supports your brand.

Invest in a Great Website

When people are trying to find out about a business these days, their first port of call is the internet. That’s why it’s worth investing to make sure everything about your website is just right. Rather than having a whole load of unnecessary technical features, ensuring that the information is clear and concise should be your first priority. Many people are accessing sites through their smartphone or tablets nowadays, so making sure that it is responsive is also important. Display clear calls to action throughout and ensure your contact information is easy to locate for users.

Utilise Social Media

Every business worth its salt has a number of social media accounts which are kept regularly updated. They allow you to share information easily and react to industry developments. They also give you an instant portal of communication to interact with customers. Making sure these are continually updated is important as it gives your business an impression of being up-to-the-minute. On the flip side, leaving them for too long has the complete opposite effect.

Get Media Coverage

Even if you are not using a public relations agency, getting your business covered by key publications and bloggers is hugely important. That way, people are able to hear about your business from another source rather than your own marketing or advertising activities. This gives people trust and belief in your company. If you’re planning on doing some blogging or articles yourself, make sure they offer thought leadership or have some sort of problem-solving angle. People are much more likely to switch off if the posts are too promotional about your business.

These four approaches give you a good springboard to appeal to more clients, while also giving your business a more professional look that will stand you in good stead when it comes to growth and development.


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