Get Your Art Business Off The Ground

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Get Your Art Business Off The Ground

Art is a broad term for anything which provokes an emotional reaction from the viewer. Art is a diverse, unique and fun hobby which you can turn into a business if you work hard enough at it. If you want to build your art business this year and get it off the ground, here are some ways to do it.

Gather the right equipment

The first thing you need to do if you want to be successful in art is to gather our equipment together and have a space to work in. There are many different forms of art which you can go into, so there may be a host of materials you require for your business. If you are focussing on creating paintings and selling prints online, you can buy yourself a printer, good quality Printer Cartridges and thick paper for your final products. Be sure that you get the best quality items you can because this will yield the most beautiful results for you to sell on.

Social media

Social media is a huge part of any small business, but especially for an artist. Create an Instagram and Pinterest account alongside a Twitter account as soon as you can to spread the word and share your work with the world. People are very visual creatures, and if you share your images on social media you are bound to generate some interest from the public. If you offer deals every now and again and make sure that your photos are the best quality, you will be selling your works in no time.

Facebook groups can also be a surprising source of revenue for you if you are a budding artist. Many local areas will have a Facebook group where people can talk about issues in the area, share events and talk about their businesses. If you can join a group in your local area, you can share a post which shows off some of your best work. This will likely generate a lot of interest because people always like to support local workers. You may find that you gain a few loyal fans of your work!

Set up payment

If you want to create a professional business for yourself, you need to make sure you look the part. Create a website for yourself which houses a shop for people to buy your works, and set up payment with a company such as PayPal. It is simple to do and will make you feel much more credible to any of your customers. However, make sure that you also give the option for customers to at with their card or credit card.

Cut your costs

Producing artwork takes a huge amount of time, effort and money. However, there are ways which you can make the process less expensive to rub and therefore stand to make more of a profit for yourself. The first thing you can think to do is make a master painting of each work you plan to sell. This will allow you to print a copy of the work onto canvas paper or regular paper and send it to your customer. It saves you the time of painting every piece from scratch and ensures that the piece is perfect every time you sell it. You can also save money with your materials by buying items in bulk and haggling for a better price. Don’t be afraid to ask for a deal on your products, because the seller will always want to make a sale to you anyway.


The beauty of art is that it is incredibly diverse. You can have some real fun with your artwork by experimenting with new ideas and trying new types of media. You can even run a limited time event where you create a personalized painting from a photograph which your customer sends you. This can be a fun way to try new things but will also be amazing for the customer as they will have something unique to hang in their home. If you have always used paint to create your art, start using a pencil. Make something new and you might find that you have created a new collection for your store.

If you are running an art business this year, the most important thing to remember is that you should always be yourself. Do the things that you enjoy, take pride in your work and have fun when you wake up in the morning. It is your business, your life, and your art.

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