Gearing Yourself Up For A Successful Business Move

beggers January 30, 2017 0
Gearing Yourself Up For A Successful Business Move

There are so many benefits of starting up your own removals company. There are the low start-up costs, the simplicity of getting started, the ease of marketing yourself, the possibility of high revenue, the social side of such a job, the client-facing requirements, the physical fitness bonus and the freedom that accompanies being the boss. However, whilst all that sounds attractive, it is still a business and all businesses require time, effort, some good luck and even better advice. Luckily for you, we are here to help you with latter necessity, the advice. So read on and we’ll do all we can to help you start up your own removals company.

It’s All About The Van

It doesn’t matter if your removals dream has only just begun, or if you have written a business plan, it goes without saying that the van (or vans) is going to be your biggest expense. But that doesn’t mean you have to go and buy a brand-new top of the range van. In fact, we would encourage you not to do that. Instead, go and look at second-hand vans. There are so many on the market and, what’s more, you’ll be able to get a great deal on something that doesn’t depreciated at the same ridiculous rate as a new vehicle. It may even be that you can get more than one used-van for the price of a new one, which will let you do more business and bigger business.

Build Some Relationships

This is an ell-encompassing phrase because we don’t just mean customers. Sure, business needs to be your first port of call, and as such you should to go and speak to local businesses that may require a regular removals company, advertise yourself on Gumtree and speak to lettings companies. These are great places to start. But on top of this, you should also build relationships with mechanics that will be able to service your van for a good price, and know where to get good parts, whether that is a new clutch or spring suspensions or tyres. Relationships really will matter.

Get All The Kit

Moving heavy items all day every day can get exhausting, so you will want to invest in equipment that is likely to take a lot of that pressure off of you and make life easier. The sort of equipment we are alluding to are things like lifts for the back of your fan and trolleys, maybe even a wheelbarrow. This will really help you with heavy furniture, especially if you are on your own. Smaller equipment like bungee ropes and straps and thick blankets and corner protectors will all help you look and be more professional too, and that will account for a lot when it comes to word of mouth recommendations.

Insurance is crucial

This area is well worth speaking to a professional about, but your research should include van insurance, which will mandatory to you by law, as will public liability insurance. Other types of cover you should be looking at include professional indemnity insurance and employer’s liability insurance should your business start to grow.

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