First Time Start Up? Here’s Some Advice

beggers February 28, 2017 0
First Time Start Up? Here’s Some Advice

Setting up a business is tough.  If it was easy then everyone would be at it.  The biggest hurdle of all is getting started.  Like your first few steps as a child, you may stumble a few times.  But the key is to get up and keep going.  You have an idea.  That is great! It’s like having a magic bean and being ready to plant it.  So what are the next few steps you need to take?

You need to take action. Ideas are cheap but it’s those that take action who can really make a difference in the world.  Sitting around and discussing all the great things you could do with this awesome idea you have isn’t going to change anything.  So get a plan and make your first baby step, then the next, then another until you start to build momentum.

Learn from your mistakes, on the job.  Learning through study is great but action is what will teach you the most valuable lessons.  Don’t give up when you hit the first hurdle.  Step back, approach it a different way and then prepare to leap.  Only look back to pick up the lessons learnt.

You need to keep going.  Most successful business owners will tell you it wasn’t qualifications that got them to where they are today.  It was Drive, commitment and determination.  You make your own luck in life, so get out there, keep at it and never ever take your eye off the end goal.

Throughout university you will be surrounded by young, talented people who will have a host of great business ideas.  Lots of these go to waste because of a fear of getting started, taking a risk and of course, of failure.  Knowledge, finance and support can seem too hard to obtain.  But those who aren’t brave enough to put their dreams into action will never make a business venture work.

Across the globe you will find a growing number of resources that will help you set up your venture.  You just need a great pitch to build confidence in your idea.  It may help to take sales training online to help you really deliver the ultimate proposal.   Make the most of all the resources on offer.  If you are proactive and taking responsibility then investors and guides will see this and want to work with you.

Banks are a good place to start when it comes to finances, however they can be a little nervous and remember, you aren’t dealing with a business owner, you are dealing with an employee.  So they may not have the same vision as you or understand the product you are pitching.  This is why it could be a better idea to take your idea to an angel investor.  Someone who has made their money doing exactly what you are trying to do.

Whatever your idea get out there and never ever stop taking action.  Some of the most successful entrepreneurs had to face failure more times than they faced triumph.

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