Finding Your Perfect Manufacturing Site

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Finding Your Perfect Manufacturing Site

Whether you’re planning on constructing your first new premises for the business or your expanding or moving to another site, there’s a lot that goes into making sure you have the perfect place for your manufacturing business. While every manufacturing plant has different needs to be accounted for and will, thus, end up a little different, here are a few key considerations you should make when scoping any site.

It’s all about logistics

When it comes to the physical location of the site, then few things matter quite as much as logistics when it comes to both suppliers and your customers. You’re going to be paying the brunt of the distance, after all. Logistical availability depends mostly on business. You want your location to bring you closer to customers, helping you build profit share and cut costs by reducing delivery wait and inventory costs. Consider all your logistics options, not just road and trucking, but freight rail, shipment, and air shipping access in the area.

Laying the groundwork

Choosing land for your site, you’re likely to want to make sure that, first of all, you can get enough land to support your plant plans. Beyond that, you need to make sure the ground will physically support your plant, as well. Before construction begins, working with engineering teams like Cochran can give you access to land surveying and geotechnical expertise that can ensure the ground is ready for the intense demand of a manufacturing plant, as well as your ability to manage your waste appropriately in the environment. Without the right civil engineering team, construction can run into all kinds of early issues.

Crunch those numbers

If you’re choosing candidate locations from different cities, states, or even countries, then you have to make sure you’re looking at the impact that taxes will have on your business, especially property-based taxes. There are local, state, and national taxes to consider, with sites like Mileiq able to help you find which states are effectively the lightest when it comes to taxes. You should also take a look at the potential tax rebates and breaks that certain state governments will offer in exchange for decisions such as renovating existing unused land or buildings.

Costs to consider

Taxes aren’t the only costs that will vary from location to location, either. As mentioned, getting closer to suppliers will cut costs, so identifying the most likely supplier in any candidate position is always wise. Otherwise, you should be taking a look at utilities in the area, with sites like Electric Choice able to help you find the cheapest commercial rates for a given area. Don’t neglect to consider the cost of living for the population of an area, as your wages will be expected to fall in line with that range.

Once you find the perfect site for your manufacturing business, it’s time to start looking at construction which brings it own costs and questions. But with the tips above, the road ahead should be a little smoother, at least.


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