Find the best broadband for your small business

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Find the best broadband for your small business

The internet, for over a decade and a half now, has integrated itself into our daily lives at a rate never witnessed before. Smartphone Apps have now been able to incorporate health, business, entertainment as well as administrative functions to a simple swipe and click. Therefore, as an owner of a business, there is a growing need to incorporate corporate functions to the business. For a while now small businesses have been using domestic broadband packages to provide them with internet solutions; however, this has proved not to work, considering that a business has more internet requirements.

Small businesses require fast, reliable and consistent support as well as a significant connection ratio when selecting the best broadband package. Domestic packages may not have the features to provide the best for a business. In order to select the best broadband package in the UK, there are a number of factors to consider;

  • Reliability. It is critical for a small business broadband user to put into consideration the levels of customer support when choosing their preferred package.
  • Speed. Small businesses require fast internet broadband packages that allow them both download, upload materials as well as connect with their clients. Considering the social media marketing options, it is relevant for small businesses to have the capacity to send multimedia material to their refereed market with convenience. Communications such as skyping are more favourable as they allow business owners develop better communication with their clients. Consequently, this would mean a fast broadband service with a minimum speed of 15mbs.
  • Contention Ratio. Small businesses such as coffee shops as well as restaurants require a broadband service that has the capability to serve its clients at peak hours. Domestic broadband services may not be preferred in establishments that have a sitting capacity of approximately 40 clients. The reason behind such a conclusion is that with such a setup the internet connection becomes slow. Therefore, the best broadband package for a small business should have a connection ratio of 40:1

From the above assumptions as well as the available options in the market, small businesses in the UK have a somewhat short list to pick from as

Virgin Media Business- Fibre Option 1.

When you talk of fast internet service, then this is the package for you. Virgin Media Business provides internet speeds of up to 350 mbps at a fixed cost of 30£ a month. From a market analysis the Virgin Media Business package is 4 times faster than any other small business broadband package offers. Additionally, with such a payment of £30 this is a great value for money. However, the prices will go higher considering installing the package would cost £50. Additionally, according to product details the Virgin Media Business- Fibre Option 1 offers up to 15 Mbps of upload speeds. It should be noted that the downloads have no limits; consequently, this would mean clients will have the capability to stream online videos, download significant size files, connect varied devices upon the same network, use cloud apps increasing the headcount significantly without compromising on the speeds.

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According to the package offer there is a 24 hours 7 days a week support team ready to deal with any issues. Additionally, on site emergency solutions are dealt with within 24 hours. Nonetheless, this can be upgraded to 12 hours response time with additional £10 per month payment. It should come to no surprise that this package is considered the best when Virgin Media has 100% control over its network, unlike its competitors who have no such a privilege. The connection ratio, when using this package, goes beyond 50 without affecting download speeds. At this point, it is clear as daylight that any small business in reference to a restaurant, fast food joint or coffee shop has its solution outright.

In summary, for £40 you get the fastest business broadband service in the market, 12 hours response time to any glitch on the network, with 24 hours helpline service, and unlimited user connectivity. As an add on the package also comes with one line rental to pay or pre-loaded bundles on a phone line that is all-inclusive with unlimited calls in the UK. For an extra £10 per month the calls become unlimited regionally within Europe.


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