You Are Failing To Give Your Employees Time

beggers March 12, 2017 0
You Are Failing To Give Your Employees Time

Time is the most valuable commodity in the world. We all want more of it yet we have no way of buying more or making more. As such, we have to use the time we do have to the best of our abilities. You probably already know this. However, you are probably failing anyhow.

You see, you probably think that you don’t have time to organize your business better and that your time is better spent elsewhere. But this attitude would no doubt change if you knew how much time was being wasted through disorganization.

As such, it is imperative that you change the culture of your workplace and emphasize the need for some much-improved organization because better organization means staff can be more effective with their time, more productive too, and maximum productivity is what we are all striving for.

So, come Monday morning, why not send out a company-wide email with the following tips to help your employees build a more efficient workspace.

The Purge

Yup, anything that isn’t needed, isn’t used or isn’t useful needs to be purged. That means de-cluttering, emptying and shredding anything that doesn’t add to the productivity of your staff. Think of it as spring cleaning their wardrobes. If something doesn’t work or needs repairing, then get rid of it. If something hasn’t been used in six months, chances are it won’t be again, so toss it. Be ruthless.

The Grandma Rule

Everything has a place, put everything in its place. This has to be one of the golden phrases when it comes to the organization of a company because it will stop people wasting their time as they try and search for the ink cartridges or paper or files on that Unilever account.

Re-Design Every Space

One of the cardinal rules of a coffee shop is having a workstation that allows every barista to make the perfect cup of coffee without moving a step in each direction. The same rules of design should apply to each office in each department. Having everything so it is accessible and accessible at speed.

Update Your Equipment

If you are still using a printer from the late 90s then it is time you sorted your life out. Seriously. It is time you stocked up on RISO equipment. The same goes for your desktop computers, your tablets, your cloud computing software and everything else. Whether you like it or not, your staff can only work to speeds that your equipment allows them too, so make sure they are up to date and producing high-speed results.

Use Agendas

The biggest waste of time in every office is to do with internal meetings. This is the biggest killer of resource time and that is because there is hardly ever an agenda that people can work too. Put it this way, if you have an internal meeting with eight people in it, and instead of lasting half an hour it lasts two hours, you are wasting twelve resource hours. That’s half a day. That’s bonkers. So have someone draw up an agenda, prioritize it, have time limits for each section and stick to them. Anything that isn’t discussed can be addressed at the next meeting.


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