FACTS Recognized Philanthropist Greg Fishman

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FACTS Recognized Philanthropist Greg Fishman

The organization Families Against Court Travesties, Inc., recently took the time to recognize one of their most influential contributors over the last 15 years. Greg Fishman, a philanthropist in the south Florida area, has been donating on a monthly basis to the organization to help fund their mission and allow them to see their hard work morph into results.

Fishman first became aware of the organization thanks in large part to working closely with several people in the legal system. The goal of FACTS is to help families who find themselves in a crisis situation thanks to the family courts or other government agencies in general. They will monitor the courts and make sure that there is due process and complete equity for all involved. He has been helping them out for over a decade now, and he does not see any signs of slowing down in the near future. If anything, his goal is to donate more time to the organization instead of donating money most of the time.

The organization, founded in 2003, has a lot of goals when it comes to helping out those who are going up against the justice system. There can be chances of corruption in the justice system, so holding them accountable for all their actions is one of the main goals. Without accountability, there is a chance that things can get really out of hand in a hurry. Many people are always looking for a way to take a vantage of corruption, so having accountability is going to keep them on track. They also want to make sure the children’s welfare is prioritized compared to a lot of other things.

Another common problem in the court system is the fact that parents can sometimes be out for revenge instead of caring about the children. It is not a productive thing to do if a parent is trying to get revenge on someone else during a court proceeding. Children should not feel as though they are property, and their overall rights should not be ignored by any means.

As a major advocate for doing the right thing, Fishman is very passionate about the organization in general. He also is a philanthropist who donates time and money to a number of other organizations as well. His goal in the south Florida area is to make life in general a little bit easier and safer to live on a consistent basis. Those with families in particular need assistance from time to time so that they can get the most out of life.

The organization plans to use Fishman and some of their other main contributors to help them really grow in the next few years. It does cost a decent amount of money in order to keep up with everything that they want to do. Greg Fishman hopes that he can bring other people along as well so the more money can be raised for an organization like this. With more professionals on board, there is a chance that it can grow even beyond South Florida and help children all around the country.

People should expect to hear more from FACTS in the near future, as they continue to grow at a pretty good rate. They have now been an organization for over 15 years, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. If anything, the news around the country has only shed light on just how corrupt the judicial system can be at times. They want to make sure that they are keeping a watchful eye on everything that’s going on in the courtroom and outside it.


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