Exposing Your Business: How Attending Trade Shows Can Improve Your Business

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Exposing Your Business: How Attending Trade Shows Can Improve Your Business

There are hundreds of trade shows and exhibitions around the world that you can, and should, attend. Some are extremely specialised, such as arts and craft or video game related, and some are very general and cover a wide range of different subjects. Whatever your business model or product, there’s bound to be an exhibition that’s perfect for your needs.

Maybe you just want to attend a trade show to network with people and scout out your competition, or perhaps you want to attend with custom made exhibits to showcase your product to potential customers. Either way, it’s a great idea to attend and here are some of the most important benefits you’ll experience.

Trade Shows

Network and Generate Business Contacts

Trade shows are filled with important figureheads in the industry and many customers who are looking for new products to buy. There are also many investors patrolling the floors who are eager to throw money at the next big idea—and that could be you. With the right strategy, careful planning and targeting a specific audience, you could potentially walk out of a trade show with a dozen more contacts and several interested investors.

People that attend trade shows are motivated individuals who are passionate about the industry. Share some of that passion and mingle with the crowd. If you’re lucky, you might make friends with a popular figurehead and your future endeavours will be much more profitable and you’ll get more exposure.

Develop Your Brand

Major companies are expected to attend trade shows like CES to show off their latest products and in-progress technologies. Your company could benefit if you make regular appearances as well. Your brand name will stick out like a sore thumb among the popular names around you, which makes it all the more curious why you’re there. If you can show people that you’re serious about marketing your product and developing something unique, then you’re bound to get more attention, and showing up on a regular basis will only help your case.

Position yourself as a niche among the big brand names around you. Don’t try to compete with them because there’s absolutely no reason why someone should come to you over a bigger brand name unless you offer something unique. With the right strategy, a small startup can become a force to be reckoned with over the course of a weekend.

Learn Industry Trends

Attending a trade show is a great way to scout out your competition, but it’s also a good way to see what is and isn’t popular. If you notice that an exhibition with a product that you’re working on isn’t very popular, then approach that booth and question them. Ask them what the product is about, why it’s not receiving much attention and keep your eyes on the lookout for niche products that are gaining a lot of attention.

You can gather a lot of intel and ideas with a day trip to a popular trade show. Use that knowledge in your products and create something that stands out.

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