How Exactly Do You End Up Doing Something You Love?

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How Exactly Do You End Up Doing Something You Love?

Finding your ideal career isn’t always easy. When you’re at school you’re expected to know what you want to do, but you’re basically a different person then. As you grow and learn, you develop new interests, new ideas, and even new beliefs. All of these things can mean you want to do something else. You wouldn’t be the first person to look at somebody who seems to know what they’re doing and wonder how you do the same. How exactly do you end up doing something you love?

Start Doing Something You Love Right Now
Forget doing things because you think they will benefit you in the future. Obviously when it comes to saving money, that’s fine. But if you’re looking at a career choice and thinking ‘this is a stable job, I’ll make a decent amount of money’, and not ‘oh my god I can’t wait to do this job!’ regardless of the money, you’re doing it wrong. Everybody should feel excited about their work in some way.

If you want to end up doing something you love in the future, you need to start doing something you love right now. What are you interested in? Maybe you could join a class. Maybe you could attempt to start a new hobby. Whatever it is, just start doing it. It may not seem obvious right now, but following those desires and feelings will eventually lead you to the right place. Most people end up doing something that they love entirely by chance, and not because they decided they wanted to do it when they were younger!

Credit to University of Maryland’s Online MBA Program

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