Everything App Developers Need To Know About SEO

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Everything App Developers Need To Know About SEO

The internet is now a medium of reaching people all over the world thereby making advertisements shift from the normal television/radio/newspaper advert methods to online ads. A lot of businesses online are advertising one product or the other today while new businesses keep turning up online every day just to join in the trend. But how can this help a mobile app development company?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of improving search engine ranking. When people type or search for a topic or keyword on the search bar of a search engine, different sites with related topics will come up. The most relevant and most authoritative websites stay on top, this is because they are ranked high since they are the most visited websites.

Authoritativeness is mostly measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages. With search engine optimization, you can increase traffic to your site through organic search. You don’t pay for people to visit your site, they are directed to your site based on the search keys. SEO still remains an effective and important online marketing strategy.

Advantages of search engine optimization

Below are some advantages of using search engine optimization.

  1. Increased Traffic: search engine optimization is an assuring way to increase traffic on a website. The more a website appears on the first page of search engines, the more traffic it will get.


  1. Return on Investment (ROI): With search engine optimization, return on investment is guaranteed as more people will definitely visit the web page on the site by clicking on the link provided by the search engine. Once they visit a site and they are very much satisfied with the contents, they will surely come back again for more.


  1. Cost Effectiveness: As earlier mentioned, website owners are not paying for people to visit their site, the visitors just search and see the link to the site on the list of top ranking sites then they are directed to the website when they click on the link. This means that with search engine optimization, a website can always be available at all times without the owner promoting it.


  1. Easy to understand: Search engine optimization is very easy to understand compared to pay per click. It is straight forward and ones the rules are strictly adhered to, the website will rank high in no distant time. One of such rules is not to duplicate already existing content from another site.


  1. Better Usability: If the website is well designed, it will attract a lot of visitors. Some first time visitors may not know the name of the website, all they have to do is type into the search bar, the exact words that led them to the website the last time they visited the site and the list will appear for them to select the particular website they are searching for.


  1. Higher Sales: With search engine optimization, products are bound to get higher sales as the web continues to gain more traffic and ranks.


  1. Brand Awareness: The more a website is ranked on the first page of a search engine the more trust the website gets for their brand.



As much as there are advantages, there must be disadvantages too and some of them are listed below.

  1. Search engine optimization takes a lot of time: With optimization, pay off is not immediate. It takes a little time before you can start reaping the fruits of your labor. So while you are waiting for returns, someone using PPC have started reaping from it.


  1. Time needed to learn technical optimization: Search engine optimization has the technical aspect which is quite difficult to understand. Some web owners may not be ready to go through the rigors involved. They might end up employing a specialist to handle this aspect which will, in turn, cost them more money.


  1. Too many Search engines: Web owners don’t just depend on one search engine to promote their sites, there are a lot of search engines on the web and more are being created every day and it is very advisable to make sure that a website is highly ranked by all search engines, this in itself is a tedious job.


  1. Long term upkeep and maintenance: To remain highly ranked by a search engine, a website must be constantly updated and maintained. Subscription fees must be paid regularly so that the site will keep running, once people visit a site only to discover that it is down, they get the feeling that the web site is not reliable and they may never visit the website again.


  1. Money is spent on content writers: More money is spent to hire an educated content writer whose duty is to update the website on daily basis with fresh content. The newer contents are posted the more the website remains at the top rank if not, the ranking starts to drop.


  1. Increased spam: Since a highly ranked website attracts a lot of visitors, some of these visitors may not have genuine intentions when visiting the site. They may end up sending spam which contains adverts to the website’s email box in order to promote their businesses or send emails containing viruses just to harm the app.




It is recommended for top app development companies to make proper use of search engine optimization trends to boost their ranking on the web. Over time, a relative level of interest for a prospective keyword phrase will be shown on Google Trends. This helps to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases. Since fall 2010, product searches have experienced drastic increase. Although the interest is obviously present, there is the need for a competitive analysis before taking a leap into any space.


Suddenly, News Jacking has become all the rage in search engine optimization. It is regarded as the process by which angles or ideas are injected into breaking news, in real-time. In fact, it has proven to be a great way of generating media coverage for both individuals and businesses alike. This can be done by selecting a trending topic and blogging about it.


SEO is one of the finest and most adaptable tools that have now been readily made available for content and app developers. As long as developing an internet marketing campaign is concerned, no mobile app development company should underrate its effectiveness.


Its marketing potential can be compared to the Swiss Army knife or the Leatherman. This technique would be a serious contender for you to use as a marketing tool particularly if you are looking to develop an effective internet marketing campaign for your app.

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