Everyday Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets For Getting The Word Out

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Everyday Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets For Getting The Word Out

Small businesses are often doing big things: there’s just one problem – getting the word out. Entrepreneurs in small businesses have to fight an endless battle against the fact that their businesses are small scale and they don’t have the marketing apparatus of, say, BMW.

Here, we’re going to investigate how everyday entrepreneurs like you get the word out. Take a look at what they had to say.

Buffalo Bob Wagner Says Negotiate

Buffalo Bob Wagner is the owner of an RV selling company that’s been in business since 1962. His advice is to always negotiate with the customer. If there’s no room to budge, the customer might think that you’re just interested in making money for the sale and they’re less likely to come back in the future. If, however, you listen to their concerns, there’s every chance that they’ll be willing to return since they get the impression that you’re on their side when it comes to making a deal. Wagner says that he tries to make his customers feel as if they are a part of the family. This, he says, helps to drive referrals and get new customers.

One of the reasons his business has survived more than fifty years is the fact that he knows all his customers by name and he knows about their families too. How many companies do you know that do that?

Paul Lawrence Vann Says Write A Letter

Paul Lawrence Vann runs a business that helps people learn how to build their wealth. He says that the secret to finding new clients is to do as much research as you can on your target market. Part of that, he says, is to send letters via hybrid mail to decision makers to request a meeting. Then use this meeting as a chance to discuss with the client potential solutions to their problem and the issues that they are currently experiencing.

The reason Vann does this is because he is constantly looking for new ways to “over deliver.” He wants customers to be so impressed with his service that they constantly come back, time and time again and send him referrals.

Roy Farmer Says Send Out Thank You Cards

Roy Farmer runs a leisure company. He says that the best way to ingratiate yourself with your customers is to send out thank you card. He does this for two main reasons. The first reason is to personally thank the customer for purchasing from him, rather than from some big box store. Farmer says that he believes in local shopping and says it’s critical to the success of local cities. The other reason is to get customers talking to their friends and family about his business. Word of mouth marketing, he says, is one of the most powerful tools in his arsenal. That’s something that can’t be bought through promotion codes, he says.

Every thank you letter Farmer sends out is paired with a discount that customers can pass on to their friends and family, helping to bring in more business.


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