Essential Tech Upgrades to Keep Your Brick and Mortar Store Relevant

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Essential Tech Upgrades to Keep Your Brick and Mortar Store Relevant

Everyone says that traditional brick and mortar stores will be phased out in the future. While this probably won’t happen anytime soon, the landscape for retail stores is definitely going to change and digital services will replace most traditional ones.

For example, think of a humble coffee store. In the past it was normal to have customers walk in, pay, then walk out with their coffee. Nowadays, stores can set up online presences with the help of the internet and computers so that customers can order food before they even reach the store. They’ll walk in, pick up their order, and then head out. It’s convenient, there’s no waiting in line, and it opens up your business to more customers and payment methods.

Essential Tech

Not every store has tech wizards that can plan this sort of thing. Recruiting an IT professional to help you install software is one way, but it’s a costly investment and you might want to consider outsourcing the job or doing it yourself instead. To help you out, here are some modern upgrades to your traditional brick and mortar store that you’d be wise to invest in.

Payment Methods

Don’t take cash only. If you have to stick a hand-written sign on your front door that says “Cash Only” then you’re scaring away a lot of potential customs that want to use convenient and modern payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or contactless payments.

Arm yourself with the ultimate calculator and a card scanner to speed up payments and get your customers in and out of your establishment faster. Remove your “Cash Only” sign and invite modern young adults into your store. You might need to pay extra money to support contactless cards, but it offers a convenience that

You can also consider using online payment methods. Set up systems like PayPal and allow customers to reserve items online before they arrive at your store. You could go a step further and set up and internet store to help boost your sales and recognition.

In-Store WiFi Networks

Internet connectivity is critical to staying productive while on the go. A lot of stores now let customers access their WiFi connections, and it’s a great convenience at restaurants and coffee shops because people can browse while they eat. You could also use your store’s WiFi connection to let your customers browse your wares, reserve orders, or even check stock for different items.

Let’s say you run a clothing store and you put items on display for people to see. If someone wants to buy a pair of shoes but they need to know the sizes you have in stock, they could just ask a member of staff. However, it’s much more convenient and faster if you have a QR code setup next to the label so that your customers can scan it and check your stock themselves.

It’s a clever system that takes a bit of work to install and get going, but it’s a modern method of shopping that few stores utilise properly. Stay ahead of the competition and keep your store up to date with new methods of shopping, paying, and browsing.

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