Engagement and Motivatation tips for Your Workforce

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Engagement and Motivatation tips for Your Workforce


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As a general rule, motivating and retaining top employees used to be a far simpler process than it is today. This is primarily because of the significantly evolved and modern employee mindset, which has become more demanding in the wake of social innovation and developed a far greater social conscience.

So rather than motivating talent with a simple pay rise, contemporary businesses have to think far more creatively and develop a host of alternative incentives for their staff. While this may be a challenge, it at least affords firms the opportunity to cultivate a dominant culture and lay the foundations for sustainable, long term success.

Team Building in 2013: Empowering Employees through Experienced

One of the key ways to achieve this is to empower employees through experience. This can take numerous forms, but the most common involves challenging staff members in a series of innovative and ultimately enjoyable advanced team building events. This is therefore an industry that continues to thrive in 2013, and brands look to optimize the performance of its employees and engage them in the most unique ways imaginable. Consider the following trends that are set to shape team building in the year ahead: –

ñ  The Element of Surprise Team Building: When a business signs its employees up for a team building event, they generally appreciate the format and understand what to expect. Given the success that experimental marketers have had with the organization of live and unexpected events, however, it was only a matter of time before this concept was integrated into advanced team building. One of the prevailing trends is for scenarios to unfold at a simple conference or corporate event, where attendees are forced to carry out a number of tasks and work in teams to achieve a specific goal. Without an awareness of the format or a predetermined idea of their expectations, guests can immerse themselves in the experience and enjoy spontaneous team building at its most effective. Companies consider keeping on top of staff performance a priority through implementing team building exercises, having a  HR Software system in place to monitor staff performance and having a strong appraisal and development program for employees.

ñ  The Integration with Social Media: While it is no secret that social media can play a significant role in the planning of a team building exercise, the medium can also be used to generate excitement around an event. This works especially well if you intend to plan a series of team building experiences, as attendees can share their feedback and even offer tips on how things can be improved going forward. Twitter is a particularly effective tool for this purpose, thanks to its succinct micro-blogging policies that encourage real time and emotive interaction between users. If you are serious about understanding your staff and listening to their opinions, then the integration of team building with social media resources is an absolute necessity.

ñ  Challenge the Individual as Well as the Team: While team building focuses primarily on the collective rather than the singular, modern event planners have strived to create experiences that more accurately replicate the dynamics of a typical workplace. So although team work is crucial to achieve the common goal of a firm, it is imperative that each individual understands their role and is able to contribute to their maximum potential. With this in mind, a number of contemporary team building exercise create broad team structures in which individuals must shine, so that both personal and collective goals can be achieved in the process.





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