Encourage Customer Loyalty With These Effective Methods

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Encourage Customer Loyalty With These Effective Methods

Businesses often blow a huge chunk on their budget of marketing to attract customers. But are you doing enough to keep your customers? Repeat customers are even more valuable than new ones- statistics show they make up the majority of business profits!

It makes sense. If a buyer likes what you have to offer, they’re likely to come back for more. What’s more, people will spend more on a business they trust. That’s why it’s essential that you work on encouraging customer loyalty. Here are some powerful methods to keep them coming back.

Start An Email Newsletter

Sending out email newsletters is extremely effective- especially for online businesses. You might want to ask every customer who makes an order with you if they’d like to sign up. You can send them emails to generate buzz for your business and encourage customers to return.

For instance, let’s say 500 customers make an order with your business online and sign up to your newsletter. If you send out an email informing them of a great new product or discount, a good portion are likely to come and buy from you again!

You can collect emails through orders or put a form on your website for people to sign up. Make sure you don’t send emails to those who haven’t give you permission- this can turn people away. You can use email marketing software for sending out regular emails to customers.

Send Out Marketing Materials

Things like flyers and brochures are useful for promoting your business. Many startups distribute these through doors and in public places to get their company noticed. But they can also contribute to retaining customers.

When you send out an order, it’s worth putting a leaflet in with the products. That way, customers can keep it and be reminded of your business. You could also go for something more eye-catching, such as an Alpha Card.

You can fill these with product details, special offers, or anything else that might encourage a repeat buy. Takeaway shops can also package in menus. People tend to keep these and will make another order if they liked their food.

Give Them Incentives

The best way to encourage customers to return is to give them incentives. They might not have a need to buy from you again. But they may be tempted to if you offer them a special discount!

There are many ways to do this. Perhaps you want to email your customers a 5% off voucher which expires in a month. Many will come back to make an order, and you can end up with increased sales and profits.

You may also want to look into giving out customer loyalty cards. These enable customers to gain points with every purchase they make. You could also give points on accounts for those who order from you online.

Impress Every Customer

The most effective way to encourage a customer to return is to impress them in the first place. Show that you value every customer. Deliver perfect service and quality products every time, and they’ll be likely to come back. Having friendly staff who remember customer names will also help with this.

If customers have a good experience with you, they’ll be likely to come to your business again. What’s more, it can generate good reviews. That can result in more new customers, and repeating the process can have a snowball effect leading to huge returns.

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