How Employing Graduates In Your Startup Business Can Improve Consumer Knowledge

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How Employing Graduates In Your Startup Business Can Improve Consumer Knowledge

The IT industry is known for wide range of jobs that are available to graduates which give them a choice on the specific career path they want to follow while also working in a plethora of conjoining industries. Graduates looking for a job in this sector may be hard pressed to pin down what it is they want to pursue. Although a lot of jobs are similar, pay close attention to the job description, the key skills needed and the competencies you want are essential. As an entrepreneur, you will be asking technical questions in the job interview so you must be specific with the information you require of candidates in their résumé of the day to day responsibility they currently have. Additionally, before you can get the staff you need, you’ll have to devise a plan that will test out your business model.

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Observe your market

Observing the competition, the market and the playing field in which you hope to be operating in costs very little if you’re smart about it. Gathering the data lies in the interviews you do, the questionnaires you send out to potential customers and what the market is telling you. It’s not what people necessarily tell you; it’s whether the research results stack up with the feeling in the real-world. Most trends are short lived and going into business targeting a niche that looks to be a lucrative proposition is poor judgment, so notice successful trends and study their long term effects.

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Organizing a focus group

Basic decisions that will carry you forward on product design, service capability, pricing, and packaging, requires a focus group that can identify and meets the consumer demand. The advantages of using such a group are the efficiency of execution, as you may get hundreds of opinions from a large group, but your team can work twice as fast to decipher what customers like about your business and would like more of. Focus groups can be powerful teams of graduates who are enthusiastic and know what it’s like how to search for it jobs. Recruit those who are skilled in software development, and as such, they will have the skills needed to the algorithm the collected data. Students from the local community are the best source of aspiring IT specialists as graduation would have prepared them for being a versatile employee. This new generation is able to take on multiple tasks at once and keep productivity high, as most startups are short on funds and cannot employ a lot of workers.

Testing the market

This will involve a product in beta form and manufactured in a small quantity to adequately test your ideas in multiple locations and with different consumers at once. Your graduate team should be happy to reach out to new customers in the street, allow them to test your service or product, and write down the feedback. You’ll get a clearer picture of what the average person would be willing to pay, and why and how they would interact with your business. Confidence will grow within the team, at which point you can move onto pitching and negotiating with other small businesses who could use your startup to boost their sales.

The same approach would work in this scenario, as your young and energetic graduates, won’t hesitate to finalize a deal for a service-related venture. It’s a little more difficult to pitch to a corporation’s so by sourcing your team locally; they will inherently know the mood of the town or city you have set your business in. Knowledge is power, and with a focus group that can communicate effectively with residents and small businesses they know personally, you stand a better chance of closing a deal.





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