Your Employees Aren’t Machines, So Keep Them Keen

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Your Employees Aren’t Machines, So Keep Them Keen

The hardest part of maintaining a successful business isn’t the mechanical aspect of reinventing business plans to meet consumer trends or even ensuring that the level of cash flow remains well above any expenditures. The hardest part of maintaining a successful business involves the non-mechanical aspect of keeping your employees happy. In order for a clock to continue running, the cogs and mechanisms must continue to function effectively, but to keep a business running like clockwork requires an understanding that your workers are more than just “cogs” in a machine.

You need to keep your workers engaged if you want them to remain product and engaged so that the machine which is your business can continue to function effectively. Of course, it is tricky to get the balance between a professional, focused work environment and engaging, relaxed surroundings right so that your employees don’t lose their minds. If you’re struggling to achieve this, then here are some tips to keep your workforce as productive as possible.


Create a strong, unified brand.

Believe it or not, your business’ brand isn’t a shallow image you put on for show in order to impress customers. A brand is supposed to be a unified concept, goal or set of values which defines your entire business as concisely as possible. Perhaps the lack of engagement you’re witnessing across the workforce has come about as the result of an identity crisis within the company.

If employees don’t share your vision and objectives for the business, they’re not going to feel motivated to push the organisation forward. They’re not going to feel as if they’re part of the collective. You need to be holding regular meetings which help define the business’ roles and perhaps even reward specific departments for their work in order to demonstrate how much you value every individual project or service carried out within the company.

Improve the office.

At the end of the day, your workers might be highly skilled within your business, and they may have chosen this career because they had a passion within the industry area, but an uninspired workplace can quickly lead to depleted interest levels. It might be time to replace the grey, dreary colour theme for a modern aesthetic and the old desk chairs for comfier ones which help to stop fidgeting and promote higher levels of productivity. You could also look into an office cleaning service, as a cluttered working environment is likely to lead to cluttered and focused minds. A game of table football and a TV in the break room might also lift people’s spirits when lunch time swings around and help your team socialise in a relaxed, non-work environment.


There’s every possibility that you’re a fair boss, your team gets on well with one another and your workplace is a comfortable, bright and modern environment. Perhaps your employees have simply started to slack because they feel as if they’ve achieved all they can achieve within the company. Creating incentives in the form of bonuses or perhaps even promotions could help to put the spark back into your workers, as people are likely to work harder when they feel as if they’re progressing towards the next level within the business.

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