Ecommerce Owners Always Forget These Details, Have You?

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Ecommerce Owners Always Forget These Details, Have You?

If you’re running an ecommerce business on day one, it can seem quite simple. First, you probably won’t be getting that many orders, so it’s easy to handle and organize. You can probably just arrange the posting and packaging yourself. Since you’re only on day one, you’re not worried about marketing or customer reviews. Good or bad, you’ll be able to improve the situation as you go, right. Then, there’s the website. It’s probably not been professionally designed and may have a few little glitches underneath the surface. But, that’s no big deal because it’s not going to stop your customers buying. They’ll be patient and wait for the site to load. While this might sound like a recipe for disaster about half of all ecommerce businesses, make at least one of these mistakes. You don’t want to join that crowd. Instead, you should be working hard minimize the issues in your ecommerce company even from day one. Remember, it’s not just about the sale of the product. You need to think about everything that comes before it and everything that happens afterward as well.

Getting The Site Right

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It could be argued that your site is the most important part of your ecommerce business. It needs to be well designed so that customers can find what they want quickly without delay. This means that the site is easy to navigate and you can do this using links. However, the best advice we can recommend here is that you use an e-commerce platform. E-Commerce sites aren’t like typical webpages. They need to look a certain way and contain a lot of information without looking cluttered and confusing. They also need to have all the relevant information that customers want to see before they buy a product. If you use a service like Shopify, you can guarantee all of this. Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms used by businesses today. But there are others if you want to make some comparisons before designing your site.

Don’t forget that the main objective of your site is to get as many customer conversions as possible. Small details that might seem insignificant to you can stop a customer from buying. For instance, the color of a buy button might make them make thinking twice about finalizing that purchase. As such, you should occasionally be running an A-B test. With an A-B test, you can change little things about your site and see if they make a difference to how many conversions you get.

Clever Marketing

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There are a lot of businesses online selling products that focus their marketing almost entirely on SEO efforts. They change their site adding keywords and links in the hope that this will increase the ranking. Or, they simply stuff it with content and see a rapid but short-lived ascent up the SERPs. If you’re making this mistake, you need to change your game a little. Instead of focusing on SEO, you should be thinking about other possibilities like sponsored content.

With sponsored content, you can advertise on areas of the web that people visit who would be interested in your products. For instance, if you’re selling clothing, you might want sponsored content on fashion sites. If you are selling mechanical spare parts, you might advertise on car websites. You get the idea, and by doing this, you can tap into an existing customer base for your business store. You can also link the content back to your website making sure that the effect is instant. However, you might find that even without links, customers do still search for your business online after reading the content.

You can also think about using social media to make an impression with customers. On social media, you should be able to show customers what your business is and what you can offer. You may also want to introduce them to some of the people behind the company. If you are using social media to share content or information make sure that it is relevant and interesting. Otherwise, you’re just going to be clogging up your feeds with junk that no one is going to be paying any attention to anyway.

After The Sale

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Your customer has made a purchase. Now, as we said if you are running a small store you might be able to handle what happens next yourself. However, you might find that your store quickly grows to a point where you can no longer handle managing the orders. This is going to be particularly true for solopreneurs. They often become completely overwhelmed by order numbers in the first few months and might even end up giving up. If you don’t want to fall into this trap, you have to make sure you have arranged the services you need before the number of orders become overwhelming.

You need to think about finding a company to manage the orders and sort the delivery of the products for you. There are companies that specialize in ecommerce fulfillment, and this basically means that they’ll handle everything for you after the initial sale. You won’t have to worry about late deliveries or missed orders because all of those problems will remain in someone else’s hands. Now, obviously, this does mean that you need a quality service. If you don’t get a company you can trust to deliver for your customers, you can damage your business reputation.

Preparing For A Crash

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Finally, you need to make sure that you are ready to get your ecommerce site back up and running if it crashes. Believe it or not, this is always a possibility and servers can crash for a variety of reasons. For instance, you might find your servers crash because they are overloaded with visitors. It could happen! If it does, then you’ll enter a period of recovery. To make sure that your disaster recovery is as fast as possible, you’re going to need an expert service. An IT support team on hand is the best choice here. They can make sure that your business is back up minutes after it crashes.


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