Don’t Forget About These Tax Deductible Expenses

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Don’t Forget About These Tax Deductible Expenses

Most people see any kind of expense as a bad thing. This isn’t exactly the case when it comes to business expenses, though, as some of them can come in very useful. That’s because there are certain expenses that can help you reduce the size of your tax bill. These are known as tax deductible expenses, and the total amount of these will be subtracted from your annual profit. You are then only taxed on the net profit that is left over once the expenses have been deducted. So, if you have a lot of expenses, you could be able to bring your taxes right down.

Are you unsure which expenses can help you minimize taxes? Here are a few that entrepreneurs regularly forget about.


One of the main expenses that most businesses have to face are utilities and overheads. These are necessary costs that your company wouldn’t be able to run without. You can’t claim them all back on your taxes, but you will be able to claim a percentage. So, when considering getting a new energy supplier, it’s still best to go for a reasonably priced company. After all, you can’t deduct the full bill from your expenses, so it’s still worth trying to save money in this area.

Accounting And Bookkeeping

It’s also worth hiring an accountant to help you with all your bookkeeping as their invoices are all tax deductible. In fact, any kind of professional service that you use for your company can be deducted from your taxable profit. This is one reason why so many business owners hire an accountant in the first time. Not only will they be able to help find loopholes to reduce the company’s taxes, but their fee can help with that as well.

Reference Material

If you ever need to buy any books to use as reference material, then you can class these as tax deductible expenses. This is even the case with any reference material that you use online. As long as it is being used in a business capacity, then you can use this expense to help you bring down your final tax bill.

Interest On Business Loans

Did you know that the interest that you need to pay on top of business loan repayments is also seen as a business expense? It’s true! Although, it’s best to talk to your accountant about this as it can sometimes be tricky figuring out just how much you can deduct for your taxes as the interest amount could change each month depending on the type of loan you have.

Business Travel

Don’t forget to keep any receipts that you collect while you are on a business trip as all of these small expenses can also be deducted. Your transport and accommodation costs are also tax deductible expenses as well, so it really is worth holding onto all flight tickets and hotel invoices so that you can claim them all against your tax.

Make sure you don’t forget about any of these tax deductible expenses!

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