Don Forman Merges Business And Philanthropy

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Don Forman Merges Business And Philanthropy

Most people who are interested in purchasing pre-owned vehicles are often worried about the repair or refurbishing costs because some of these vehicles are not in excellent condition. However, Don Forman has changed the perception of pre-owned cars. He is a well-known businessman in Las Vegas and the owner of United Nissan in Las Vegas. Don is a licensed pre-owned car dealer who offers accredited vehicles at his dealership. During his tenure at Nissan West where he was working as the supervisor, Don learned about the art of refurbishing vehicles. He perfected the skill, which has enabled him to offer his clients the best pre-owned vehicles that have been inspected and approved by the manufacturers.

Enhancing pre-owned cars

The tenure of Don Forman at Nissan West had a significant impact on the company. It underwent substantial advancements such as its ranking in Ward’s Dealer 500 listing. Don designed an advanced and detailed tracking and marketing system while working at Nissan West. The program classified pre-owned models as a premium, advertiser or above average. Forman aimed at tracking the productivity of the dealership and improve the quality of pre-owned cars. After creating a tracking and inspection program, it was easier for Don Forman to realize and fix any issues that arose, which enabled the car dealership to know the reaction of customers concerning the pre-owned cars in due time.

Philanthropy through Fox5 Surprise Squad

The generosity of Don Forman does not know boundaries. He has over a long time been involved in several charitable deeds; putting aside his business needs to help other people. The owner of Tustin Nissan and United Nissan powered the Fox5 Surprise Squad together with other partners to give back to the society since 2014. Don Forman, along with the Fox5 Surprise Squad has done several surprise philanthropic activities since its establishment in 2014. One of these deeds that stood out from the rest was the gifting of Glen Zani with equipment and money to build and transport crosses to a few sites. Glen lacked resources, even though he was constructing crosses and delivering them to sites where several people had lost lives including the Sandy Hook Shooting, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting sites, and Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Other philanthropic acts done by Don Forman and Fox5 Surprise Squad include the gifting of the young lady who stepped up to assist an autistic boy by taking him into homecoming after facing rejection from others. The boy was awarded an education scholarship. The team of the Fox5 Surprise Squad and Don Forman, in November 2017 also surprised shoppers of Las Vegas with Thanksgiving turkeys at Albertsons. Additionally, two boys got the chance to meet their bull-riding icons and attended the match through the support of Don to the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

Individual philanthropic acts of Don Forman

One of the most touching charitable deeds of Don Forman was during the 2017 shooting that happened near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The employees of Don’s United Nissan put aside their business operations and concentrated on carrying the victims of the shooting and their relatives and friends to the hospital when most other people were panicking and feeling lost. The employees of the United Nissan, guided by Don Forman set up a camp for the loved ones and the victims. Forman collaborated with the other teams to mourn the lost lives and assist the injured people. Additionally, the owner of United Nissan gave his employees time off to take care of their loved ones if they were victims of the shooting incident. The incident was proof that Don was devoted towards helping other people even at the expense of his earnings.


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