Digital Marketing Tips for Recently Funded Startups

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Digital Marketing Tips for Recently Funded Startups

Getting funded is a significant achievement for a startup. You can move to a better workplace, hire professionals, and invest in product promotion. You can also go all-out marketing your business, and that’s the beginning of problems.

The moment your startup gets funded, there is always a strong desire to try all marketing options which you couldn’t afford previously.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that; everyone wants to grow and start marketing their businesses to their target audiences. However, a careful approach will help you reach your target audience effectively without overspending.

Here are helpful digital marketing tips for a recently funded startup.

1. Hire a professional digital marketer

Rather than opting for a digital marketing executive, hire a senior resource with at least eight years of experience or more in handling digital marketing projects for different levels of brands.

You need a professional who can help you create an excellent, long-term marketing strategy and manage the activities you outsource. While any average digital marketer can handle SEM, SEO, social media marketing, digital PR, and email marketing, a highly experienced and knowledgeable digital marketer will give you much more.

2. Work on your brand strategy

After you start your digital marketing activities, you should begin working on your communication. Figure out your brand as it will help you to define your brand’s identity. This will result in the development emotional connection with your target audience and set your business a notch higher than your competitors. This will make it easier for you to create an ad-copy for effective SEM campaigns, a tweet, and more.

3. Create high-quality content

One of the most reliable ways of making a lasting impact on your audience is by creating top content. Therefore, you should focus on acquiring a great team of writers or outsource to a specialist agency to ensure that you produce content that people will like and share. Besides, it will make your audience understand your brand better and adopt your service or product.

Note that content marketing is an excellent playground and you can dabble with countless options. Right from infographics and videos to simple blog posts and downloadable content, there are numerous ways you can generate and share top-notch content with your audience.

According to Ric Dean at Caffeinated. “A common mistake that most startups make is to use the poor-quality content. What’s the point in getting many page views and no conversions? Besides, publishing irrelevant content irritates your audience and harms your site’s search engine ranking due to increased bounce rate and low traffic”.

While David Reimherr over at Magnificent added. “Therefore, it’s wise to keep on analysing how your content marketing strategy impacts your KPIs (sales, brand awareness, leads, etc.). Content is an effective way of sales and creates and maintain a lasting relationship with your target audience “.

4. Don’t ignore product marketing

If your initial version of the product was about offering your clients a great experience, it’s time you focus on maximizing the returns from your customers’ usage of the service or product. Product marketing is an effective way of spreading the word about your brand organically and saves a lot of resources. Unfortunately, most startups wait until they can hire a growth hacker to start this marketing strategy and that shouldn’t be the case.

Research has revealed that simple tweaks can result in good returns. One benefit of hiring a professional digital marketer is that he or she can initiate an effective product marketing using minimal resources.

5. Landing pages are important too

Since you have started with paid digital marketing campaigns, you should focus on having a landing page that converts effectively. This is the first point your customers interact with your brand. Therefore, you should offer a great experience.

Instead of using a template and allowing it to run on auto-pilot, consider running A/B tests on every aspect including text, headlines, colour theme, CTA, button, and more that are crucial to conversion. This isn’t a one-time affair; it should be a regular process.

6. Invest in the right tools

Now that your startup has been funded start looking for great premium tools that perform better than the free ones you have been using. Focus on acquiring excellent tools that can help you carrying SEO, project management, and lead generation activities easily. For instance, tools such as Crazy Egg, Moz Pro, Webengage, and SumoMe are some of the premium tools which that can simplify your tasks.

7. The Pareto’s principle

While marketing your startup aggressively may help you reach a wider audience, avoid spreading yourself thin. You don’t have to do everything to create an effective sales funnel. In fact, you will realize that focusing on a handful of marketing activities can offer you maximum returns.

8. Employer branding

Your startup is likely to start growing rapidly in the in the future. You should invest in branding your business as a good place to work at. Trust me, hiring committed employees is a difficult task and there are a few talented individuals out there.


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