Designing Your Startup to Be as Disruptive as Possible

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Designing Your Startup to Be as Disruptive as Possible

Startups have the potential to be incredibly disruptive in their respective industries. However, it takes a lot of careful planning and calculated risks to really make a difference. Once you strike that perfect balance, it’s actually fairly simple to lead the charge and make a huge impact on your industry. So in this article, we’re going to offer you a couple of tips on how you can design your startup to be as disruptive as possible.

Be prepared to take risks

A business cannot be disruptive if they follow what everyone else is doing. Don’t be afraid to take risks and ensure that you’re developing new ideas that stand out from what’s currently available on the market.

Hire talented individuals, not just experienced ones

Experience is valuable in any workplace, but it can also have a negative effect because you might see it shape your business based on existing practices and ideas. What you need is an injection of fresh young talent to help develop revolutionary new ideas and processes that can disrupt the industry.

Pick the right industry to disrupt

You can’t be disruptive if the industry doesn’t allow for it. We highly suggest picking an industry like healthcare, media or energy if you want to make a serious impact and grow your ideas into full-fledged products and services. We’ve included an infographic that shows how startups and entrepreneurs are making a huge impact on the healthcare business and shaping it with innovative ideas and unique approaches to the industry.


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