How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed at a New Job

beggers May 10, 2017 0
How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed at a New Job

Is your new job not all it was cracked up to be? Do you feel as if you didn’t come into it as prepared as you would have liked to have been or even should have been? Was your first day just too overwhelming to put into words? If the answer is yes to each of these questions, then don’t be alarmed. Most people, whether it is their first job or their fifth, suffer from feelings of being overwhelmed when they start a new job. This is especially the case when their new job brings them a higher wage than they’ve ever gotten before. You’re not alone when it comes to feeling as if everything in your job is just too much, and there are ways to ease your struggles as well. A few ways can be found below.


One way to ease your struggles is to accept your feelings of discomfort to be normal. Being uncomfortable when starting a new job is normal. As stated, a lot of people feel it whether they are experienced at starting new jobs or not. Being ‘the new guy or girl’ and feeling weird around everybody, from your new coworkers to your boss, is normal. You should embrace these feelings, and if you are confident enough to do so, you should play on them. You should tackle being new by  constantly making jovial references to it. That uncomfortable feeling you experience is a good thing — it means the new job has evoked something within you.

If, after some time in your new job you feel as if the uncomfortable feelings haven’t subsided, then it is time to start taking them for what they are and what they feel like. If you still haven’t got to grips with the work being asked of you, then now you should do something about it. Before your career heads in the wrong direction, you need to find a new path. You need to find one that will help you in your new career. One such path is education. By going down the educational path again whilst working alongside it you get the perfect blend of ‘classroom’ and ‘real world’ experiences. The best thing of all? You need not even step in a classroom again. There are a plethora of opportunities for you to take a a degree online. Kettering University offer a Master’s degree in Lean Management, for instance, where the teachings and the submission of work are done solely online. By learning as you work you will be to take the concepts you learn in your lessons and transmit them into your job.

But if the job is really not for you and you feel as if you have been duped into starting with it then you can always quit. You are a human and you control your own destiny, you have every right to leave something that doesn’t suit you or your future. Sometimes, when you are struggling in your career it’s best to just stop. It’s always best to just stop struggling with something that is bringing nothing to your life and start focusing your efforts instead on something that will.

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