Credit Score? Credit Phwoar!

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Credit Score? Credit Phwoar!

Anyone that’s ever thought about the state of their finances knows that money in the bank is just one indicator. In truth, there are many factors that contribute to your overall financial health, and your credit history is one of the most important.

A beefed up credit score is something that every responsible person should aim for. Here’s why and how.

What Is It?

Your credit score is a financial fingerprint that tells creditors whether you are considered a safe borrower or not. The value is determined by a complex algorithm and is something that influences us all. Even if you’ve never bothered to check yours.

Why It’s Important?

Your credit score will follow you into every financial deal you apply for. Whether it’s a credit card, a mortgage, or leasing a car doesn’t matter. If your credit score is good, you’ll be offered a better deal. In turn, that means you’ll make smaller overall repayments, which can help you get on in life with far greater ease.

Conversely, a poor credit score could actually stop you from getting a mortgage or borrowing serious value. Money might not be the most important thing in this world, but good financial health will undoubtedly improve your future. A great credit score will provide the perfect foundation.

It’s Never Too Late

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance that you’re credit score needs improving. Even if you have made past mistakes, it’s never too late to get your credit score back in great health. This handy infographic will give you all the advice you need to speed up the process.

Infographic By MyCreditMonitor

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