Create A Website That Attracts Traffic With These Tips

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Create A Website That Attracts Traffic With These Tips

If you’re ready to take your dream of entrepreneurship into the real world, you need to start planning your journey. One of the first things you need to do is announce your presence. A website is a good first step when you’re hoping to work for yourself and start a business. However, don’t just pick any WordPress template or internet domain provider. Seriously consider what you might need going forward to make sure traffic starts to flow toward your pages.

Start by asking yourself some questions as if you’re the customer. You might be starting a network marketing business like the one at, or you might be selling your own products or services. What does your customer need to know to get the most from your proposition? What do they need to know about you? What is the quickest and easiest way for your customers to order? Once you start asking these questions, many more will crop up. Make sure you have all the answers because your website design needs to have them too.

Pick an easy-on-the-eye template or design that allows your visitors to find the most important information. You can find plenty at or ask your host. They shouldn’t have to scroll down. All websites should be designed to encourage visitors to dig a little deeper. Give them things to click on. Buttons and photos are ideal, but you need tags or titles to further describe what they’ll get when they click the button.

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Beyond the look and feel of your website, your customers will also want to enjoy the information you provide. They’ve come to your website for a purpose so make sure you fulfill that. Blogs are ideal for this. Make sure the content is current and rich in useful information. Provide plenty of good images too. You can source free ones from the internet, but why not take some of your own? Take a photography course to refine your skills.

Search engine optimisation is essential if you want people to find your website through Google or Bing. Think about the search terms people use to find pages about your type of product or service. Make sure your pages are relevant, so they become a top result. Other ways to ensure clicks to your site include posting your content to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts. Social media can be a very handy way to advertise for free! Use all of your marketing campaigns to promote a landing page on your website.

Ultimately, you want as much traffic to your site as possible, but you want those visitors to stay on your site all the way to a sale. They won’t hang around for long if they don’t find what they want. Keep them interested and give them plenty of opportunities to buy it now, or click through to your affiliate marketing program. This is the only time you’re going to earn money, so make it count.

The best way to bring traffic to your website is to write content that is relevant to the top searches for your products and services. Keep it fresh by adding new content daily, so your visitors keep coming back.



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