The Core People Skills Essential To An Entrepreneur

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The Core People Skills Essential To An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it’s all about spotting your next opportunity. Not just opportunities for a business or an idea that might take off. You have to know the people who might take off, as well. Whether they have the potential to your biggest client, ally, or asset. Knowing people is vital to an entrepreneur. Here, we’ll look at how you ensure you have the skills you need to spot and manage the best of them to your advantage.



No-one is going to make it as an entrepreneur without a few friends and associates in the different circles. Entrepreneurs need a wide world. They need vantage points to see opportunities that they might never have spied before. The partners you make in your networking efforts can be those vantage points. If they don’t offer any opportunities themselves, they can help you spot and meet new people who do provide those opportunities. They can also help you build your platform through their own visibility or connections. Networking is about knowing where to do it as well as how to do it right. Doing it right is about honesty. Be upfront about what you want but also what value you can offer. You shouldn’t ever assume someone’s help will come for free.


A potential client or customer is a tenuous thing. The wrong move can put them right off and lose them forever. You have to be an apt negotiator. Knowing the value of what you’re trying to sell isn’t enough on its own. You have to be able to identify their needs, to incorporate aspects their personal circumstances into the story of how what you’re selling can help them. The individual elements of successful salesmanship aren’t something that can be taught in a brief article like this. Sales courses won’t only teach you how to make a customer. They’re good for understanding the nature of wants in any business relationship and how you can use them to get people on your side.


What about the people already on your side? The best entrepreneurs surround themselves with the best people. But it’s not just about spotting talent. It’s about facilitating it, as well. It’s about keeping an open ear to the needs of the people on your team and finding the ways to facilitate them. It’s about streamlining your organization so you’re making the absolute best use of the talents of those under your employment. It’s about developing them and tying their personal journey closely to yours. You can’t hold onto the talent you build forever, nor should you want to. What was once one of your closest and most valuable employees could become one of your greatest allies or opportunities in the future. So make sure you’re not treading on those helping you build the path to victory. Bring them alongside you.

Being great with people isn’t just about knowing how to make use of them. It’s about knowing how to get the best for them, as well. Positive relationships sustain people and businesses far longer that competitive or malicious ones. Do think that you have to be a shark to make it.

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