Computer Conundrums

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Computer Conundrums

All businesses use some form of computer in this day and age. Those who don’t are stuck in the past and are missing out on vital help that can help their business succeed. However, there are still issues with computers that occur from time to time. Some are mild and just slightly annoying but others are completely debilitating and a threat to your business operation. To keep the office area full of happy workers, then you need to ensure there aren’t any serious issues with the computers. Here are some ways in which you can ensure they stay operational and in good condition

Keep Someone On Retainer

Certain issues you can fix, certain ones you simply won’t have a clue about. This is why it is good to have IT Support at the ready when you need it. It can be a company, or just a person who you know are an expert at solving certain computer based issues. Short of recruiting someone in house, this is your best option. It can help ensure a business’s operational capacity by keeping it running and stopping petty or serious IT issues getting worse and taking hold.


Keep Your Systems Clean

You need to be defragmenting your computer’s weekly to ensure they aren’t being slowed down by certain things. The more you use your computer the more memory is occupied, but sometimes useless memory exists between each file, so defragging compresses everything until the files are next to each other. By doing this you keep your system working at the best rate possible. Consider making just one person responsible for doing this each week. You can set the computers to do it automatically, but you may want to double check it is happening.

Use Stellar Anti Virus Software

Find the right software for you and ensure it is doing the job. You need something with around the clock protection that really works. Combine this with firewalls and good practice and you will see how little viruses can actually affect the way you work. You can see the best antivirus software for business applications here. Check out what each offers, and then you can make the best decision for your business.

Go To The Cloud

Cloud computing has soared over the last few years. It is extremely popular for the everyday person and businesses alike. For heightened security go for the cloud. All issues in the office are mitigated because your information is stored on the cloud. So it is safe from viruses, physical damage in house, the list goes on. It can also save you money as you won’t really need expensive servers any more, which of course saves you on space too. Cloud computing is great for those businesses which send employees out to visit clients. They can access all the information they need via the internet, so everything is there ready to use. This is a huge increase in productivity and stops them having to carry around bulky drives or easy to lose USB sticks.

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