Could Colours Give The Green Light To Your Manufacturing Business?

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Could Colours Give The Green Light To Your Manufacturing Business?

When you start a manufacturing firm, there are a multitude of things to consider, and many of them have to do with health and safety. You need to know rules and regulations when working with heavy machinery. Otherwise, you could face hefty fines and the knowledge that your failure to act caused an injury.

It’s no wonder, then, that many manufacturing managers put a lot of effort into getting things right. They adhere to the three-bay rule and provide adequate training. And that, in turn, can make a massive difference to colleague happiness, and your peace of mind.

But, there are some less obvious health and safety markers which you may have failed to take into consideration. Colour, for example, should mean much more to your factory than just the paint on the walls. In the same way that roads rely on traffic lights, your business should depend on colour schemes. For proof, we’re going to look at what red, yellow and green can mean for your business.

Manufacturing Business

A couple of traffic lights installations with the red ones turned on and the green and yellow off captured against a blue sky with several white clouds scattered over.



Everyone knows that red means stop. Either that or danger. It’s a bright, bold colour, which puts us on high alert straight away. So, it’s worth using this for emergency equipment, such as emergency stop buttons. By investing in red push button switches, you can ensure that no one fails to see how to stop all your machinery. This could make all the difference if anything happened. If your colleague’s clothes get caught in a conveyor, for example, they need only look for the big red button. Emergency averted.

Red is also traditionally used for fire alarm pulls. It’s worth sticking with that in your manufacturing business. Big red alarm boxes on the wall will be difficult to miss if they’re in plain view.


In traffic lights, yellow means get ready to go. In some cases, flashing yellow lights mean that you can pull out if the way is clear, but you need to be cautious. And caution is precisely the message yellow can spread in your factory. Most manufacturing businesses rely on bright yellow tape to separate bays. Mainly, this is because it’s easy to see. The same applies to yellow helmets and hi-vis jackets. Used right, yellow will encourage your colleagues to look where they’re going, and take care. And, it’ll ensure they can see each other from anywhere in your factory.


And, of course, green means go. In all honesty, there’s less use for this in a factory setting, but it can still be useful. If you use forklift trucks, for example, a green light could show colleagues whether to wait or turn a corner. Small differences like that make a considerable difference where machinery is concerned. You could operate the same system with your manufacturing itself. Why not put in place a green light which shines every time a machine finishes a cycle? This will help promote safety, and also inspire more efficient working! It really is a traffic light system fit for a factory.

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