Cleaning Tech Is Evolving, And It Could Mean Big Changes For Us All

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Cleaning Tech Is Evolving, And It Could Mean Big Changes For Us All

Cleaning is a part of daily life. It’s something that we have to do to prevent our homes and businesses turning into filthy pits, carpeted in dead mice and termites. Well, it’s not that extreme, perhaps, but the consequences of not cleaning are vast.

Most people accept the chore of cleaning and get on with it. “It’s character-building.” But thanks to the efforts of companies like Steamaster and others, a revolution is afoot. Cleaning technology is changing in significant ways, and we’re not just talking about cleaning companies moving their computing operations to the cloud. No, we mean genuine advances in the underlying cleaning technology that affects all our lives.

If given a choice, most people would rather cut cleaning out of their day. It’s necessary, but it’s not fun. Apart from a few hardcore clean freaks, most people would rather watch a movie, put in an extra hour at work, or go out to a class at the local gym. Cleaning gets in the way of everything else that we want to do with our lives.

Technology, however, is trying to change all that by making the cleaning process both more comfortable and better.

The Self-Cleaning Litterbox

Cats are messy creatures, as anyone who has owned one will attest. Our feline friends have a rare ability to create toilet carnage every time they want to go to the bathroom. Smelly cat litter ends up all over the floor – everywhere except the tray it seems – leaving you no option but to vacuum it up.

Entrepreneurs are a smart bunch, though. Litterboxes, in their view, should not only be able to contain all the mess but clean it up for you. Thanks to a company called Litter-Robot, that’s now possible. The self-cleaning box works by separating clumps of used litter from fresh by rattling the litter and collecting the clumps in a special drawer. Owners never have to rake through cat litter ever again. You open a flap and pour the contents into the bin – it’s simple.

Air Purifiers

If you can’t be bothered to dust or have some revolting source of pollution wrecking the air quality in your home, then you’re in luck. A range of companies are building air-purifiers which they claim can eliminate the bugs and toxins in the air in your home, leaving it fresh and breathable.

While air purifiers probably won’t protect you from disease, they may be beneficial for allergy sufferers in pollen season. Most air purifiers contain HEPA filters, a type of filter that can capture more than 99.97 percent of all particles in the air.

Robot Mops

We’ve had robot vacuums for a while, but what if you have hard floors instead of carpets? The answer is a robot mop, a machine that operates on a similar concept to the more traditional robot vacuums, like the Roomba. The mop ejects a spray of liquid cleaning agent in front, and then drives over it, mopping as it goes. You can select the mopping action you’d like in the settings.


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