Cities That Need Your Lawyer Startup

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Cities That Need Your Lawyer Startup

Completing law school and passing the bar exam is an incredible achievement: you’re now a fully fledged lawyer who can work wonders in the courtroom, or work one on one with clients in any number of matters, serving justice to the people that need it most. But now, you need to find yourself a good job in a city that needs your services the most. But that seems almost impossible to do! There’s the idea of reputation, pricing, and then competing with some of the best legal companies in the world, so what can you do to get on your feet?

With the amount of law school applications and successful exam passes dropping within the past two years, you may be in a better position now than later to try and cultivate your own business. However, there are some cities out there that have a better place for lawyers than others, so here’s a quick runthrough of some of the best. Consider these if you’re in the mind to take your career to newer heights.

Lawyer Startup


There’s plenty of locations in Boston that could do with your help. With a long history in matters of law, and with the proximity to Harvard Law School, and also the city owning the Massachusetts State House, Boston is often considered the number one space for lawyers to find their feet.

The East Coast has always been involved in top matters of history as we mentioned, making it a good litigious place, and thus you can find yourself amongst some of the most prestigious institutions, and the subject of many lawyer jokes. At the end of the day, that means you’ve made it!


So you want to go overseas? Try an island nation with connections straight up the Pacific: settle in Australia. Australia is a big place, and servicing all community needs a few years ago in legal terms was a bit of a struggle. That means there’s plenty of opportunities out there for you to either set up your own business, or find your place within another.

Setting up in Perth is one of the better bets for you due to the commercial market in place for overseas workers. Follow in the footsteps of branches such as Lawson Legal, or specialise in areas such as corporate or construction litigation to keep your skills in high demand.

You’ll have more of a chance to have international focus in places like Perth or Brisbane than anywhere else on the planet due to close Australian connections with Asia. Having such a wide range of potential clients on a scale larger than the one inland means your business could be at the forefront of legal operations.


Sunny Miami is the city of hopes and dreams for the travellers among us. Yet, the thing about Miami is it is more of a profit and loss situation than anywhere else, meaning you could make more off your services here, but spend more on your real estate and rent each month. It’s a dense tourist traffic area, so legal services are not its main export, but that also means the city brings in more international cases than anywhere else.

If you specialise in immigration orders or the like, this is one of the best places for you and your business. Working on the coast brings its own challenges, so make sure you’re ready for a life by the sea.

Fort Lauderdale

It’s agreed that you can find some good experience in a more harsh legal area, and Fort Lauderdale fits that bill better than most. This kind of training can be applied anywhere else, and means you can quickly move into areas outside of your own in terms of knowledge, as first hand experience is prized highly.

Fort Lauderdale is a good place for someone looking to work within the federal courts, as there’s less of a diverse range of cases on offer here. Millions of people lack the services they really need when it comes to using law and order, so using Fort Lauderdale as your stopping off point on your way to becoming this kind of business could work wonders.

There’s plenty of cities across the globe looking for lawyers and their startups, and a lot of these places can be found in the United States. Go where you’re needed, and don’t follow the main trend of settling in areas if you don’t want to; servicing the population is better done on the ground than higher up.

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