Buying A Car For Your Business

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Buying A Car For Your Business

Do you or your employees have to a substantial amount of driving for your business? If so, then it might be time to get yourself a company vehicle. Buying a company car is not something you should rush into, it could end up draining your company of cash unnecessarily, so before you jump straight in, ask yourself if you are driving your own car more for business than for personal use? Can you afford to get a vehicle for your business?

If you do decide it’s time to get a business vehicle, you’ll need to determine how to pay for it. You will need a loan if you don’t have the cash for the purchase, so it’s essential to shop around for the best loan deal before you visit a dealership. You can compare loans online at places like, MSN’s Auto Loan Center and get finance on cars from places like Eden Commercials who you can also get used cars from. Just make sure you pay attention to the lenders’ fees as you compare, as well as the total interest you would pay for each loan.

Buying a car for personal use is a big decision, but for your business, it’s fair to say that it’s even bigger. Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to shop for a vehicle or to compare features on several models and see how they stack up.

You will need to consider all the regular journeys your business’s car will make and assess how much space you’ll need. Also think about what optional extras are imperative for you and what isn’t, for example, if you take long journeys regularly, then satellite navigation can rightly be considered essential.

You can investigate car safety and repair records through Consumer Reports and on the carmakers’ own sites. Then browse for available new or used car models in your city through online classified sites such as, Cars Direct, or AutoTrader.

Remember as well that a company car represents you and your brand, and it can actually be an unexpected source of advertising, and if it’s aesthetically pleasing, then you may just gain some new customers out of it.

Good fuel economy is also vital as the last thing you want after adding a vehicle to your workforce is to spend a fortune just to keep up with constant refueling.

Once you have chosen a car, you will need to make sure that the motor is appropriately insured. There are typically three business car insurance categories: business use by you, business use for all drivers and commercial traveling policies. It’s best to explore these levels of coverage and go with the most appropriate for you and your company.

It’s also good to note that December and January are excellent months for car deals. Each autumn, the next model-year vehicles start arriving, and dealers put the current model year vehicles on sale. If any of those are left hanging around in January, dealers will be desperate to unload them.

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