Your Business: Version 2.0

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Your Business: Version 2.0

If you’ve been running a business from home for some time now, and you finally got to the point where you are making a decent profit, no doubt your mind has gone to the thoughts of what to do next. Is it time for you to expand your business? If you’ve been thinking about this, it can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you’ve been doing it on a small scale. So what do you need to consider when making a business upgrade?

Do You Need Additional Workers?

If it’s got to the point where you’ve needed to turn away custom because there has been too much demand, is it now time for you to expand your operation hand to hire other people? The big issue in hiring other staff members is that it is a lot of money, but it’s also an issue of trust. If you’ve been working tirelessly at your business, just by yourself, you may find it a bit difficult to share some of the responsibility. The best way to overcome this is to hire people that you trust; no doubt you’ve had friends or family to help you along the way, whether to fulfil orders or just to lend an extra hand when you needed it. So, it makes a lot of sense of this respect to pay them to help you.

Do You Want To Upgrade Your Premises?

If you’ve been working from home, you may find it better and less stressful to set up an office or a workspace somewhere else. The one thing to think about in this respect is the cost, but if you are more than meeting demands, you will benefit from a space that is more conducive to a productive mindset. Even if you are feeling like you’re not ready for a full-on office or workspace, maybe you can bridge the gap by renting space for a short period of time, just to test the waters. You could always make the most of a short term loan from a site like to try it before you buy it. If it doesn’t work, you can repay the loan with your earnings, and go back to what you are used to. If it suits you better, and you get a lot more work done, you can then start to think about purchasing a space or renting on a long-term basis.

How Will It Affect Your Life?

It is all well and good expanding a business, so you can make a profit, but if it is heading this way, have you spared a thought for how it could affect your work/life balance? This article on gives some tips on managing a healthy balance between the two, and it’s something to take on board if you’ve been working hard on setting up your business, and navigated through difficult times. It may be some of the same again while you’re making these changes, but it’s important to note that while these changes can overtake your life for a while, it is only a temporary thing.

Making that transition from a small home based business to a small start-up company can be a difficult transition. But you need to think about these three points before pressing on.


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