Business Magic: Ace Those Crucial Client Meetings By Having These Tricks Up Your Sleeve

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Business Magic: Ace Those Crucial Client Meetings By Having These Tricks Up Your Sleeve

As an inexperienced business manager, there’s nothing more daunting than meeting VIP clients for the first time. You know that those first impressions could either make or break a deal, and subsequent working relationship. Subsequently, the pressure to get them right is immense.

Unfortunately, you cannot just wave a magic wand to win a potential client over. However, you can certainly give your chances a significant boost by incorporating a few simple hacks. Whether you’re a shy communication or not, any tip that can help your hopes of success has to be a worthwhile addition.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.


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Dress To Impress

When you look good, you feel good. As an important business person, there’s no doubt that you’ve invested in a great pair of shoes and well-fitted suit. Heck, you’ve probably gone the extra mile to ensure that your facial hair is looking great too.

You’re feeling pretty confident, but that will soon be lost if you find yourself caught out due to poor planning. Being equipped with eye-catching business cards as well as a pen is pivotal. The last thing you want to do is give the client a reason to doubt your professionalism.

There are a number of additional tricks that can be utilized to further enhance the positive reactions. For example, a nice watch can create a far better perception. In some cases, you may even find yourself being able to let them try it on. By placing trust in them with your possessions, they know that they can trust you with their business too.

Be Ready To Secure A Deal

In many situations, you’ll find that the initial meeting is a chance for the client to get a feel for the company. There’s a strong chance that they won’t be overly interested in closing the deal immediately. But if they are, it’s imperative that you are ready.

Depending on the nature of the business transaction, you may require contracts and other paperwork. Meanwhile, credit card processing companies can provide the systems to create a trustworthy payment. This way you can complete the transaction anytime, anywhere.


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Of course, you may also offer staggered payments while some clients will prefer to be invoiced a month down the line. Either way, showing that you’ve covered every scenario is great news for you. Moreover, it sends an even stronger positive message to the customer.

Use Visual Aids

If you’re a shy communicator, there’s no greater fear than forgetting crucial information. But visual aids can help your presentations and talks move along smoothly. Moreover, they can often provide a far deeper insight for the customer.

It could be a PowerPoint presentation supported by video or images. Alternatively, you may have a prototype model to show the client for a physical illustration of your ideas. Either way, it has to be more exciting than a simple talk. And it also ensures that you’ll give them all the data they need.

Of course, you need to build a positive working relationship too. The key is to find that right balance between a friendly bond and promoting your business in a positive light. Do this, and should see a far greater level of success.

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