Business Event Planning: How to Wow Your Guests

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Business Event Planning: How to Wow Your Guests

Business events are increasingly popular, giving companies a chance to wow customers, clients and partners, while also providing an opportunity to make announcements, launch new products or secure extra business.

However, events management is a tricky thing to get right, as a poorly received event could prove damaging to your organisation. If you want to ensure that your big occasion doesn’t fall flat, here are a few things to consider.

Business Event Planning

Plan in advance

Planning your event long in advance is strongly advised. If you leave it until the last minute, many of your guests may have made prior arrangements and you’ll also find yourself panicking to secure everything that you need. A slower, calmer approach is much more likely to result in a successful event.

Logistics are one of the main considerations. Have you sent out the invites, do you have enough chairs for everyone, and has the entertainment been booked? There are many factors to consider so come up with a checklist months in advance and work your way through it.

Choosing the right entertainment

You’re never going to please everyone with your entertainment pick, but at least make sure that it is suitable for your crowd. Also, think about when you are going to entertain your guests. Do you want someone to interact with them as they arrive to act as an ice-breaker, or a big finale so they leave on a high?

Prepare for the worst

You may have planned an amazing business event but what if things don’t go exactly as you hoped, do you have a Plan B that is ready and able to deliver an equally brilliant experience?

Unfortunately, life has a way of tripping us up when we least expect it, and events planning is no exception. What happens if there’s a problem with the caterers you’ve booked? Do you have a secondary option, even if it’s just using Deliveroo to get something from a nearby restaurant? If your venue has a problem, do you know the details of a heating solution provider that can fix your issue at any time of day?

Hopefully everything will run smoothly, but if it doesn’t you’ll be glad to have a contingency plan to fall back on – and perhaps your guests won’t even notice!

To theme or not to theme

This decision is entirely up to you, but think carefully about your theme if you do opt to go with one. Masquerade and circus themes are amongst some of the most popular for corporate events, but you can choose whichever one you like as long as it isn’t boring. Even if you decide against a theme, still think carefully about the look of your event.

Measure success

How do you know if your event was successful? The main factor is whether your guests enjoyed themselves, but it’s also important that the event was beneficial to the business. Was it a good networking opportunity and will the event generate any return on investment (ROI)? Remember, however, that your event won’t immediately result in hundreds of extra sales. A good event will instead help create long-term relationships that benefit your company for years to come.


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