Built A Website? Now Let’s Protect It!

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Built A Website? Now Let’s Protect It!

You’ve finally done it – you’ve built your own website! Months of blood, sweat, and tears went into the process, and a few helpful calls from web masters definitely helped, and now you can proudly file this achievement under the skills tab of your CV.

Not only that, but now you can use your website to advertise your work, whether it be a brand you own or the freelancing service you’re trying to set up! It’s definitely an important milestone in your career!

But before you do that, you’re going to need to make sure your new website is protected. After all, you don’t want all of that hard work to go to waste with one successful hacking attempt from an outside intruder! It’s becoming easier and easier for someone to worm their way into our technology, so let’s make sure you know how to hold them back.

 Built A Website

Know Your Vulnerable Areas

The first thing to do, when it comes to protecting a website, is to assess the most likely areas where security will be needed. Most website owners are going to want their entire site to encrypt the information that’s entered into it – they want to present ‘https’ at the start of their URL, rather than a simple ‘http’, as this means they’ve got an SSL certificate working in their favor. The little lock it provides is a standard symbol every website user can recognise!

But some parts of a website need a little more protection than others. Places such as your checkout, if you’re running a retail website, or the outside server you’re using to host your website. Host platforms can be free or commercial and require a fee, and seeing as there’s hundreds available on the web, most people take the one that’s cheapest – but who knows how secure it could be?

Ultimately, it’s hard to know where your vulnerable areas are up front, when you’re just guessing, and don’t have any way to look inside the digital machine you’ve built to find the weak links. It’s why this website might just come in handy!

Add a Firewall

Nowadays, most computers on the market are going to come with a built in firewall and defense system, but the same privilege doesn’t extend to websites. And of course, the firewall installed on your company or personal PCs isn’t going to extend protection the website you’ve built!

Most websites, especially one you’ve built on your own for the very first time, won’t have a firewall embedded in the system. Which is a shame, seeing as they’re going to be exposed to all kinds of threats, bots, and intrusions without one. So it’s imperative you be on the lookout for a web application firewall, to soothe these worries and keep your website from popping up on a vulnerability radar.

Protecting a website you’ve built is incredibly important. If it was a pet project, or the first step in setting up your own online business, now’s the time to scan and secure.


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