Boosting Employee Happiness Without Raising Wages

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Boosting Employee Happiness Without Raising Wages

Employee happiness is yet another thing that every business around the entire world should strive for. Why is that? Well, there’s a direct and proven link between the happiness of an employee and their productivity in the workplace. If an employee is happy, they will get more work done, thanks to their good mood in the place of work.

Simply put, one of the best ways to make employees happy is to pay them well. That seems like common sense. However, there’s a lot more to it than just that. Firstly, small businesses won’t always be in the position to pay workers what they are worth. They can afford the minimum wage for sure, but that’s why there is uproar when considerations revolve around hiking the minimum wage, as it might be something that could hike prices and put a business out of business. Secondly, workers usually have an inflated idea of worth, a lot of them think they are underpaid, when in fact they are attaining market rate. This doesn’t mean you should avoid shelling out and boosting wages; it just means that a wage hike isn’t always the most productive way of ensuring happy employees – as they may want a lot more than they are worth, and you won’t be able to meet that.

Employee Happiness

We want our employees to be happy though – happiness clearly has positive effects on productivity, and if there is one thing we need from our workforce, it is the ability to be productive. Without productivity, it can be extremely difficult for a business to gain results! However, if we can’t afford wage hikes, how can we make our employees happy?

Firstly, you can make your employees happier by feeding back. A transparent workplace is often a happy one. If you can tackle issues, deal with problems and communicate effectively – you’ll have happier employees, who might feel a bit more of a team than if you close your door to them.

Secondly, reward your employees. You might not be able to offer pay rises, but you can certainly reward your hard working staff with additional days off. What’s more, you can highlight the work of your best performers with awards from sites such as to make a physical appreciation of their hard efforts. Appreciating and commending your employees is route one to employee happiness.

Another thing you can do is build and train your employees. If they feel like they are stuck in a dead end role, at all, they won’t be happy. In fact, they will look to leave while killing their productivity off! Do everything you can to construct career pathways for your employees. If they feel like there is no room for growth, they will blossom elsewhere. Hold career meetings with your employees on a one-to-one and see if you can help take them to the next level. Always try to make room for internal growth, as this makes employees feel happy and that their efforts can hep them succeed in life.


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