A Big and Useful Guide on How to Keep Your Business Safe on All Fronts

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A Big and Useful Guide on How to Keep Your Business Safe on All Fronts

Business safety encompasses a lot of different things, but it applies to businesses of all sizes whether you’re a new startup fresh on the map or an existing business with a huge audience. In this large and informative article, we’re going to be touching on some of the most important points regarding business safety. We’ll be talking about the safety of your employers, your brand and even your digital assets. If there’s something that can pose a threat to your company, it’ll be in this article.


Protecting Your Business From Digital Threats

There are actually several different digital threats that we need to talk about in order to completely secure your company. Although technology and the internet are fantastic tools to help you overcome roadblocks in your business and become more productive, they also open you up to abuse from online cybercriminals, and since your information is out there, it also makes you vulnerable to copycats and other similar problems. In order to deal with digital threats, you need to have the knowledge needed to protect yourself.


  • Protecting your data with company regulations. What you might not realize about digital threats is that a lot of it can happen due to social engineering (which you can learn more about from this article at https://www.inc.com/). This is why it’s important to protect your data with company rules and regulations, such as never taking your laptop out without ample security on it, or never bringing in USB drives unless they are scanned and cleared of viruses beforehand.
  • Safeguarding with secure passwords. Let’s admit it, how many of us have used a silly password that is easy to crack or guess? While brute-forcing your way to a password is uncommon nowadays, it’s still important to regularly change your password and use secure ones. Take a look at this information from https://lifehacker.com/ to learn a couple of tips on how to create a secure password.
  • Upgrading all of your software and systems. Keep all of your software up to date so that all of the digital vulnerabilities are patched out.
  • Choose the right digital security partner. Digital threats are difficult to manage and they’re a whole different ball game compared to physical threats, so make sure you choose the right digital security partner to help you.
  • Teach your staff about internet threats. Knowledge is everything. Use the advice from this article at https://www.thebalance.com/ and pass the information down to your employees so they are educated on different internet threats.
  • Defend your brand as soon as possible. If you feel like someone is stealing your brand materials, products or even leaving negative and malicious reviews, make sure you defend your business as soon as possible so the negativity doesn’t spread too far.
  • Utilize data backups to keep your data safe. Data backups are incredibly important and you need to keep them in mind when attempting to keep your business safe from digital threats.
  • Make customer data a security priority. Customer data is arguably more important than even your own data because if a customer’s details are leaked, you are responsible.



Protecting Your Business From Physical Threats

Physical threats are also a huge concern when it comes to safeguarding your business. While you might have the knowledge to keep your company safe from digital threats now, you still need to think about the physical safety of your business and your premises. Although many companies run entirely on the cloud now with the help of software, it’s still important to have a continuity plan and think about the physical threats that could prevent you from accessing your office computers and devices.


  • Have a business continuity plan for natural disasters. As explained in this useful article from https://www.investopedia.com/, business continuity planning is the incredibly important task of creating a plan that you execute should your business experience some kind of disaster that prevents it from operating.
  • Consider hiring security guards to prevent theft. Every company needs security guards if they have important data or products to protect.
  • Setup a CCTV camera system to monitor your company. Does CCTV need more introduction? If you haven’t already got a camera system in your business then take a look at this post from http://www.vizocom.com/ that explains several good reasons why you need a CCTV security system in your company.
  • Encourage staff to keep their devices secure at all times. Physical protection should also extend to your laptops, tablets and also smartphones. Criminals would just love to get their hands on your devices because it allows them access to all of your private data and company information.
  • Use locks, shutters, alarms and other physical protection. Align yourself with a reliable security company if you want to secure your business and ensure that no harm comes to your business with the help of locks, shutters and other types of physical protection.
  • Consider off-site data backups if you use physical hard drives. As mentioned before, it’s incredibly important to have data backups but it’s even more important if your data is stored of physical servers and hard drives in your company because damage to them could mean your business can’t operate. Just take a look at this informative article from http://cybercity.nyc/ to learn some more about off-site data backups.
  • Restrict access to important areas of your business. If you’re worried about employees stealing information or unauthorized people waltzing into your workplace, then restrict access to important areas such as your stockroom with digital security measures such as keycards.
  • Perform building inspections and consider restoration if needed. Building restorations, such as those provided by https://www.tendonllc.com/ and other similar contractors, are ideal if you believe your business or office to have a weak structure. If your office, premises or workplace is fairly old, then consider carrying out an inspection and a restoration so there is less risk of physical damage to your workplace.
  • Build a good relationship with neighbouring businesses. A relatively underlooked advantage of having neighbouring businesses is being able to trust them to help safeguard your business. For instance, if they spot someone shady stalking your company or if they have CCTV cameras that overlook your company or office as well, then you can ask them for assistance.



Protecting Your Employees From All Threats

Lastly, we can’t forget about your employees and the role they play in your business. Employees are the lifeblood that keeps your company running even when you’re not around, so protecting them is necessary to the success of your company. While many of the above points such as carrying out building inspections will also affect your employees, there are other things to keep in mind such as their wellbeing.


  • Encourage employees to take breaks. As seen in this informative article from https://www.bustle.com/, it’s important to take breaks to improve your memory and help with different tasks, so encourage your staff to relax now and then.
  • Remind them of their posture when working at a computer. Your posture when seated at a desk is important because it will help with breathing and improve circulation. Take a look at this post from https://www.muscleandfitness.com/ to learn a bit more about why and how you can help your staff with their posture.
  • Train your staff on how to use all machines and equipment. If you have heavy machinery in your workplace then make sure you train your staff on their use to prevent accidents in the future.
  • Carry out fire safety drills and clearly label exits. If you have a relatively large building with potential fire hazards then make sure you carry out safety drills now and then (especially with new employees) and clearly label directions to the nearest exits.
  • Don’t ignore safety concerns if they are raised. You probably don’t know every little thing that goes on in your business, which is why it’s important to rely on your staff now and then. If they’re concerned about something then make sure you address those concerns. Whether it’s a loose floorboard or exposed wiring, take every concern seriously.
  • Supply your employees with the right safety gear. If your employees are exposed to certain conditions at work, make sure they have the right safety gear to keep them safe.
  • Look for ways to decrease stress in your workplace. Use tips from this post at http://oppchamber.com/ to help you create a more comforting office that is less stressful to work in.
  • Provide your employees with a basic self-defence course if needed. If your staff work with people in person on a regular basis then you may want to give them the option of a basic self-defence course that will keep them safe from harm.
  • Give employees mechanical assistance when possible. It’s important to supply your staff with mechanical aids to help them with repetitive tasks or potentially damage ones such as heavy lifting.



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