Benefits of a modern office space

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Benefits of a modern office space

When you buy a house, you look for the perfect building, in the perfect location. There are no shortcuts or quick investments, but a long meticulous process that should not be any different when shopping for an office space instead. Of course, different businesses require different office designs, locations, etc.

However, in the twenty first century, we are witnessing the successful rise of the modern office space, with award winning serviced offices, producing an abundance of benefits.

Better employee wellbeing

Florescent lights and poor ventilated rooms were never going to motivate anyone. Psychologists say that working in an office with enclosed walls, little natural light and small windows, is detrimental to a person’s health, activity and quality of life. By having large windows, an open space and a contemporary design, you can improve workplace performance, and create an environment your co-workers will thrive in. Conversations between co-workers will dampen any brewing stress, and sunlight will ensure your co-workers a better night’s sleep, ready for the next working day.

Aesthetically pleasing

Modern furniture with its quirky, colourful designs can certainly spruce up any office space, turning a once dull environment, into an interesting, lively workplace. By introducing lightweight, unusual but eye catching furniture, you can impact your employees lives. Taking the time to build and design an attractive office ensures you care about your employee’s wellbeing, meaning their performance will increase as they produce better results. However, do not replace comfort with aesthetics. Employees are expected to work long hours, and therefore, should be provided with the best chairs, tables, computer screens, etc. that will ensure minimal strains and stresses. There are many companies out there selling office furniture that is both attractive and comfortable, meaning you do not have to cash in one for the other.

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Increased productivity 

It is strongly suggested that a pretty working environment, and a well located office is going to strongly benefit your business. Office plants and flowers will surely brighten the drabbest of office spaces, and green offices usually generate psychological responses like increased brain activity and lower stress hormones.

Attracting new employees

Your office is a direct representation of your business and company, and therefore, a tool for attracting new employees. In this day and age, not many will settle for a small, cramped office space that is proven to damaging your health – both mentally and physically. Years ago, it was the norm; you were expected to work in cubicles, gathering around the water cooler when you wanted a quick conversation. However, the modern office is the environment most worker expect, and deserve. By working on your company’s office aesthetics, prospective employees will be writing you into their “pro’s” list, rather the “con’s.”

Office spaces have come a long way, improving over the years, for the better. Before, office life was projected as a dull, lifeless, dark and dingy occupation; off putting for most, if not all. However, now is the time for the modern workplace, with artificial light being replaced with large windows and natural light; open floorplans allowing co-workers to talk.

There are many pre-made, award winning, modern office spaces out there, ready to view, rent and buy. All you have to do is make the move, ensuring a better quality of life for not only yourself, but your employees too.

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