Back to Basics: Traditional Marketing Tactics That Still Hold Up

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Back to Basics: Traditional Marketing Tactics That Still Hold Up

Marketing is now almost entirely confined to the digital arena, and with technology developing all the time this trend certainly isn’t going to disappear any time soon. However, digital tactics aren’t the be all and end all of modern marketing. While digital marketing certainly needs to be a big part of your overall strategy, effective marketing often means getting back to basics, and mixing more traditional elements in with the digital. Here, we’ll look at a few of the more traditional marketing methods which still promise fantastic ROI. Perhaps one of these is the extra touch your campaign needs!

Face-to-Face Interaction

Traditional Marketing

I thought I’d start this post off with the most traditional marketing method; getting out there and talking to your customers face-to-face. If you’ve been used to having solid traffic and conversion metrics constantly at your fingertips, then this may sound far too primitive to actually work. However, making time to meet in person with your customer base, and then going out of your way to build relationships with them, can yield massive returns. If it’s practical, find some time to meet with people, network, follow up on old links, and so on.

Direct Mail

You’d be forgiven for thinking that no one reads junk mail anymore. This is a point that a lot of large brands these days agree on. However, this is a part of what makes direct mail marketing so effective in 2017. Because so much correspondence, marketing or otherwise, is now done through digital channels, direct mail marketing is actually beginning to stand out among all the bank statements and gas bills. Studies have even shown that millennials are more likely to open a piece of direct mail marketing than older generations, so don’t leave this all to your competitors!

Print Advertisement

Traditional Marketing

Although the majority of the ads we see these days are in the banners of websites and tacked onto the beginning of YouTube videos, print ads still have a big role to play in modern marketing campaigns. This is especially true if you’re targeting people in a higher income bracket, but it can still be applied to a wide range of niches. I’m not just talking about those colossal billboards you see in built-up, urban areas here. Ads in fitting magazines, simple flyers, and business cards can all make great auxiliaries to the main body of your marketing campaign. If you’re going to a lot of trade shows or generally seeking out in-person networking opportunities, it may also be worth stocking up on some branded items like the ones from Dynamic Gift.

Phone Calls

A word of warning: I’m not referring to “good old” cold calling here! However, getting in touch with all of your existing customers once in a while can be a great way to project your brand identity, and carry out some invaluable market research in the process. Be sure to ask your existing customers what they’re happy about in terms of your product or service, what they’re not so happy about, and any changes they’d like to see at your company. Making these kinds of calls will give you a better plan for customer retention, all the while showing your existing customer base that you care enough to ask about their opinion directly.

Public Speaking Engagements

Traditional Marketing

If you’re pretty on top of your digital marketing, then I’m sure you’re composing and publishing press releases and blog posts on prominent industry platforms. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche whenever you’re trying to grow a business. While there are many great online platforms for sharing your knowledge about a certain topic, from LinkedIn to less accessible platforms like Forbes and the like, having someone actually stand in front of an audience and share their knowledge verbally remains an incredibly valuable way to establish more trust with your target market. Just like phone calls and meeting people from your main customer base in person, interaction with another human has much more potential for building trust, and provides your business with in-built networking opportunities.

In-Person Networking

If your business is starting to pick up momentum, and you haven’t taken advantage of any in-person networking opportunities tied to your niche yet, then this needs to change as soon as possible! Whatever the nature of your business, there are sure to be many different forums you can use for sending out representatives and making powerful friends. Again, this is one of the oldest forms of marketing there is, but there’s no denying that it works! Look for networking opportunities, and you’ll be able to reach out to industry influencers, potential partners and customers, or simply strengthen a good relationship with your existing customers, as we mentioned before. Simply appearing at a networking event with a professional-quality booth can inject a huge dose of professionalism into your brand identity, too.

Handwritten Correspondence

Okay, if you were trying to close a deal worth hundreds of thousands with another business owner, it wouldn’t be a smart move to send them a hand-written postcard using simple, conversational language. However, if you’re a bright new start-up with a small, but loyal and active, customer base, then it could be a fantastic idea! Whether you’re simply thanking a customer or client for their custom, you’re wishing an active individual in your customer base a happy birthday, or you’re just sending a postcard to remind them you care, you’ll be amazed at how such a simple action can convert so effectively! When most people’s experience of marketing is made up of generic, callous ads, some correspondence that’s obviously been written by hand is really going to stand out, and make your brand feel like a more human entity, rather than another big, bad corporation. Just make sure you give the job to someone with neat handwriting!

If you’ve been wanting to leverage some traditional marketing, but you weren’t sure of where to invest your money, any one of these tactics is a sure-fire winner!

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