Why Aren’t You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?

beggers January 5, 2017 0
Why Aren’t You Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees?

As an employer, you know how much you rely on your employees. Without their work, your own can’t go forward. But you don’t have the time to keep doing their jobs for them. It’s a frustrating experience and it’s easy to take it out on them. But it might be a symptom of the business, not of the people. You need to look at solutions, not what you think the causes are.


You’re not employing the right people

Sometimes, it simply is a case that you’re not getting the right people for the position. You want the best employees you can get, but focusing too much on skills and experience isn’t always the best place to look for that. They need to have the personal skills as well, from communicating well to dealing with a team. Similarly, you should be open to fresher hires, too. A problem with experienced workers is sometimes the level of retraining they need to fit the role.

They’re not playing to their strengths

The role someone applied for isn’t always the role someone gets. That’s a problem of communication and your ability to assign work to the right place. Make sure you ask people about the tasks they’re doing and what they would rather be doing. Sometimes, you might need to shuffle responsibilities around some. In other cases, you could just end up using software to make certain admin tasks a lot easier or even entirely automated. Measure their productivity to see if it brings out any change. If they can’t appreciate a boss who helps shape a role around them, then they’re not right for the job.

They have no stake in the business

Sometimes, they’re just not on board and not engaged. They don’t share any familiarity or sense of team with their colleagues. Again, it can sometimes be the fault of the individual, but if you can’t see a company identity in the whole, you need to change that. You need to build a shared identity and drive with the help of groups like a culture consulting company. Get them on message by briefing them not only on their roles but the strategic goals of the business as a whole. Let them realize the part they play in those larger goals so they feel like part of a collaborative effort.

You’re not pushing them

Ambition is an important motivator. Without it, people can feel stuck in a rut and get complacent. It’s not their fault for not pulling their socks up all the time. Sometimes, they just don’t see any room for improvement. By helping them come up with a personal development plan and using key performance indicators, you need to prove them wrong. Then help them attain the goals you help them set.

It’s vital that you get your people on the same page as you and in the right position. Sometimes it is a question of the wrong person for the wrong job, but it might just as easily be a case of a company failing to make a team out of a group. Investigate every angle of the question.

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