The Apple Watch – Is it an advantage for businesses?

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The Apple Watch – Is it an advantage for businesses?

It’s finally here: Apple recently unveiled the long awaited Apple Watch, officially released on April 24. In the event, Apple stepped into multiple native capabilities of the intelligent smartwatch: Users can make calls and send text messages, use a map for turn by turn navigation, keep track of upcoming meetings and appointments with a calendar application, tracking of physical activity and heart rate, and lots more.

These practical functions in addition to features such as the digital crown and what Apple calls Taptic engine certainly captivated the crowd of consumers in the event. But business people were attentive to one thing: how to operate third-party applications on the Apple Watch.

The impact of Apple Watch on companies depends heavily on third-party applications from multiple vendors said Van Baker, research vice president at Gartner. There were many interesting demonstrations of how customers of Apple Watch could use several third-party applications, including the call for a taxi Uber and unlocking the door of their hotel room. But Apple was the presentation of a specific analytical application for the company, Salesforce Wave, which hinted at the potential of the clock for various industries, according to JP Gownder, principal analyst at Forrester.

“We saw Salesforce immediately jump on the bandwagon of Apple Watch. The entry of Salesforce is a sign that Apple Watch, although expensive, has some relevance for the companies” he said in an email. Salesforce solidified its alliance with Apple with two more products, which are designed to work on the Apple Watch.

Besides Salesforce, businesses which have their employees go on business trips can use make use of Apple Watch with the Avios app. Business travel is a common thing for most enterprises with conferences and events in different countries. What the Avios app does is help with all the flights involved. The users can access their Avios balance and find productive ways to use Avios through their Apple Watch.

Gownder also expects the Apple Watch will play a role in some large companies that already have standardized Apple iOS. These companies usually have development centres dedicated to mobile platform seeking to explore possible uses of the watch, particularly in customer services, field work and other areas dependent on hands free computation.

Gartner Baker was also cautiously optimistic about the usefulness of the watch in companies. The focus of wearable devices is to obtain information quickly, or little nudges of actionable data that the user can react to in seconds, could become a trigger for employee productivity.

You could even argue that the device’s most expensive luxury model costs more than $ 10,000 dollars which could well be a blessing for some companies as in some cases, Apple Watch in the customer service in retail luxury shops could confer a sense of prestige to the brand.

However, even with these cases in mind, Gownder does not see the watch as the next big thing in intelligent devices, particularly for companies that are aware of the costs or predominantly use the Android operating system. He recommends that CEOs keep an eye on the cases where the watch may aid a company. We still need to see some experiments with Apple Watch in the business before we can be sure of how it will affect enterprises.

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